Is it worth trying to save?

By gann515 ·
I have an old HP Pavillion (can't recall the model # and I'm not at home,
but I bought it in '96/'97). It was having a problem where it would only
start up in safe mode, so I decided to reformat. Well, now I have c but
when I try to load the HP Recovery CD, it's not recognizing the CD Drive.
I'm not sure if it's even worth trying to fix, much less how to go about
fixing it. Any suggestions???

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Time to retire it

by shhite In reply to Is it worth trying to sav ...

I would say it is not worth saving but I guess it depends on your budget. Prices are good right now for new computers.

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Short answer.

by vhrocker In reply to Is it worth trying to sav ...

The machine is over 10 years old and I'm not even sure if it will run to your expectations. (it wouldn't run to my requirements thats for sure).
What is it a P133/P200 or AMD equivalent?

However, being that it still "works" go ahead and play with it if you feel the need. You could certainly use it as a linux file server or gateway.

As a workstation, however, I'd retire it.

BUT, if you are into re-imaging it from the CD-ROM, I would say that it is non-bootable from CD-ROM. You might be missing a recovery floppy disk. If you can't find the original (if I am right that it even had one) try using a standard Win98 startup disk and then running the CD-ROM application.

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Probably Not...

by Jay217 In reply to Is it worth trying to sav ...

It's not worth putting a lot of time and money in unless your attached to the machine in some way, or if you have software that wont run on anything else.

Check the bios, with older machines you may need to manually configure what drives its using and boot order.

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As it's a HP it's probably not worth it but none the less

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is it worth trying to sav ...

Open the BIOS by pressing the Delete Key when you see the HP Splash Screen and set the Boot Order to Floppy, Optical Drive and finally HDD and then save the changes when you exit and reboot with the HP Recovery Disc in the Optical Drive.

If the Optical Drive actually works it will start the Install Process now.


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Is the data worth saving?

by jim.poltrone In reply to Is it worth trying to sav ...

I second the suggestion regarding checking the BIOS first. Ensure that the CD-ROM is detected and enabled before the OS starts up.

Second step: If you don't already have a boot diskette, go to bootdisk.com and download/create a new one.

If neither still works, and you somehow want to save the data on the hard drive, you'd need a tool like Spinrite or GetDataBack to retrieve it. But you'll need to remove the hard drive from the Pavilion and install it as a second hard drive in another machine before doing this.


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Second Hand CDROM drive.

by 1bn0 In reply to Is it worth trying to sav ...

I just dumped a bucnh of old cdrom drives.

Sometimes I give them to the local GoodWill store. If everything else is working, why not try to get a working 2nd hand cdrom and finsh what you started. I fthe computer no longer suties your need. Clean it up and donate the working machine to a your localc GoodWill , Salvation Army or similar organisation.

You will be providing an operational computer to someone who probably cannot afford better and keeping it out of a landfill for a while longer.

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