Is it worth upgrading a PC from Windows 98 to 2000?

By fcui21 ·
for an old HP Pavillion (about 4-5 years old) that I have? Please note this is not my primary PC but more like a "project" PC in the basement which my kids use once in a while to surf the safe side of the "net". I am considering this in case this will help the problems I have been having with the PC (errors, freeze ups, blue screen indicating a restart is required due to a system malfunction, etc). So is it worth it? I can get a new sealed Windows 98 software for around $100.

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Win 2k

by Langlier In reply to Is it worth upgrading a P ...

is much more reliable and as long as you arent doing much gaming on it is a much better solution as an operating system

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Go with Windows 2000

by TheChas In reply to Is it worth upgrading a P ...

There are at least 2 reasons to go with Windows 2000 for this system.

1, Microsoft is still supporting Windows 2000 with security updates. So, the system will be more secure on the web.

2, Windows 2000 is a lot more stable than Windows 98.

One reason not to go with Windows 2000 is the cost. From a system stability standpoint, you will get nearly as much benefit from formatting the hard drive and starting over with a clean installation of Windows 98.

Still, if I had the option, I would install Windows 2000 or even XP on this system.


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Go with Windows XP or Vista

by es.tan In reply to Go with Windows 2000

Windows 2000 may not be a good choice as Microsoft may soon no longer in supporting this operating system.

I would recomment windows XP Professional, as Windows XP Pro is much more stable compare to Windows 2k. Hence, Windows XP supported wide range of applications and software, and you may find it much more stable compare with Win 9X and win 2k.

Not to forget, any operating system you apply, do deploy patch file supplied by Microsoft. For instance, service patches, security patches and etc.

here are links talking about Win XP;

Tan eS

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