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Is it worth using WinGate?

By Bancal ·
I started to use WinGate two months ago as a proxy server/firewall of our small company's local network. When I was making decision to use this proxy I was said that WinGate is the best proxy for small businesses or home offices, that iy's easy to administer it etc., but at this time I've had some problems with it:
1. Sometimes user sessions suddenly start to blink and then blinking stopped.
2. I didn't find any command to defines Internet sites from that I don't want to receive traffic.
SoI want to know is it worth to continue using WinGate, or I should choose another proxy server (for example MS Proxy Server)?
I want to get your opinions about this subject and I will be very thankful for your answers.

With best regards

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MS proxy server

by rnelson In reply to Is it worth using WinGate ...

MS proxy server, FYI, is a whole different beast than a little deal like wingate. MS proxy is integrated in NT server, and has client software for MS machines, winSock proxy client. I'm not sure if you have to use the client software, but I know it works a lot better if you do. MS Proxy is a lot more configurable, but also a little harder to set up and learn that the other standalone third-party products. I used it for awhile though with some success. Filtering is possible.

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Cascade connection?

by Shanghai Sam In reply to MS proxy server

Thank you for your answer, but where's some questions I want to find out.
1. Our WinGate proxy server connected to Internet through cascaded proxy server. Does MS Proxy support cascade connection?
2. We use UDP Mapping Service to support ICQ. Can I configure MS Proxy to support ICQ?

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A few possible answers....

by netw3 In reply to Cascade connection?

Yes, MS proxy does support cascaded proxy servers, they use the term "array" to describe this (to describe multiple proxy servers in a chain).

I believe that you could set up ICQ support by using the Microsoft Proxy Client on each windows workstation that needs that connectivity.

The best bet, security wise, is to configure the proxy server with two interfaces, one on the Internet (or downstream from a firewall) and one on the internal network segment and enable packet filtering between the two interfaces. I don't know if there is a built-in setting for ICQ but you can add a custom packet filter to allow certain types of traffic in or out depending upon various criteria.

I've built a few proxy servers, including one at home that I've been unable to break into through the Internet when I've tried. The proxy server does not appear to be listening on any ports whatsoever, and appears to be operating with some degree of "stateful" processing.

Microsoft has their new Internet Caching and Security Server (I think that's the name of it...) which seems to be the next generation MS Proxy server. I've not used it yet, but it could be a good bet depending upon your environment.

If you DO use MS Proxy, be sure to install MS Proxy Server Pack 1 for best results!

Curt Wilson Consulting

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Web Proxy on Win 2000 server

by tech99 In reply to MS proxy server

I have recieved the following error messages the w3proxy.dll file is corrupt or missing, along with Web Proxy server could not start. The Web Proxy DLL Filter is present and a red
arrow is pointing down is displayed next to it. I have removed and reinstalled the dll, stopped and started the default web server and the web proxy server, to no avail.

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Proxy vs Firewall

by KevinS In reply to Is it worth using WinGate ...

If you are set on a Proxy server, then use Microsoft Proxy. But I would say forget the proxy server and use a Networ Associates Firewall instead.
Depending on your organization, if you really want to tighten down security on Adult web sites, etc, use WebSense.


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