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Is job hopping good or bad?

By jmottl ·
Should CIOs stay or go when a new opportunity arises today. During the dotcom whirlwind, job hopping was rampant, but what's the take on this career approach at this point?

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by road-dog In reply to Is job hopping good or ba ...

I'm not even going to pretend to be a CIO, but
I've found that executive positions do not seem to follow that same rules as rank and file positions do. IE bonuses during abysmal corporate profits.

However, if the position presents itself, I say go for it. Many companies are moving ahead with telecomm technologies and implementing new IT strategies. The economy has slowed, not stopped.

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Everyone wants a higher rung on...

by radiic In reply to CIO

the ladder. Sometimes the only way to do it is to jump up instead of climb up. The best time to find a new job is when you have a job. At least for us down in the middle of the ladder. For the people on the top rungs I would ask why do you feel the need to swing to another ladder. A friend of mine, his dad contracts out to companies for 6 months at a shot for cio position. I really wonder why any company would do that. Do you think you can get your hand on the pulse of the company and make the crucial changes that it needs to prosper???? And then what after you leave. You made your money and the rest of the company falls into the lost leadership role again.

Maybe its a problem of corporate america. They used to be very loyale totheir workers, and vice versa. But in our ever increasing fast paced world because the cio's feel they can jump around, they know that the employees feel that way too, so why bother being loyal to them>? There just going to leave for the first company that offers them 10k more a year. Why would I want to give that person a raise to stay...

So there. If no one is going to be loyal any more, just jump around, make your money, and live with your conscience.

Gotta go, I need to ask my bossif i can have the rest of the day off, cause i am sick (interview


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by road-dog In reply to Everyone wants a higher r ...

Welcome to the age of the "better deal". Maybe I'm a little more mercenary than most, but I don't have any conscience problems with leaving a position for a better one. If you are undercompensated and/or unappreciated where you are, don't whine, walk! I think the job hopping of the early '90s was the catalyst for the inreased salaries of technical staff.

In some ways, the mercenary movement has replaced the labor union as the best guarantor of good treatment from corporate America.

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job hopping

by weinsteinrv In reply to ditto

I like your comments. Could you supply your name, company and title. I'd like to use your comments in my column. Bob Weinstein , CIO Focus.

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Click alias "road-dog" for contact info

by road-dog In reply to job hopping

I'd be glad to provide insights / opinions.

My deep rooted pathological need to bargain prompts me to do so in exchange for links/trend info/ white papers on complex adaptive theory as relates to emerging compartmentalized yet integrated management/IT structures.

Feel free to call or email.


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She might also be...

by thelittlewebsitethatcould In reply to ditto

A secret member of the Free Agent Nation, as Daniel Pink points out in his book.


Have a great day!

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by thelittlewebsitethatcould In reply to She might also be...

Forgot the .com at the end...
<a href="">Free Agent Nation</a>

Don't know if that'll work, but you get the idea.

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Job hopping

by weinsteinrv In reply to Everyone wants a higher r ...

I like your response. Could you provide your company, name and title? I'd like to use your comments in my column, Bob Weinstein, CIO Focus

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Job hopping

by weinsteinrv In reply to CIO

I'd like to use your reply. Could you provide your name, title and company? If you have any other comments, please feel free to add them.
Bob Weinstein , CIO Focus

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No right answer

by Prefbid II In reply to Is job hopping good or ba ...

What makes anyone think there is a correct answer to that question? Does job hopping hurt a CIO? Evidently not. If there is a slowdown in changes, it's not big enough to notice.

The real answer, for those of use who report to the CIO, is:

When I don't like the CIO, I hope they job hop every six weeks. When I like them, I hope they stay around till retirement.

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