Is LCD screen the culprit?

By grodrigz ·
I accidentally spilled water on my Acer Aspire One D250 netbook. I quickly took out the battery and dried it for a few days. Afterwards, the netbook worked but the left half of the screen is very dim (not dark) where you can barely make out the images. The right half displays normally. Also if you look closely, you can make out a water stain in the center of the left (bad) half.

If I attach the netbook to an external monitor, the display is good, so I know that the video card and motherboard are good and the problem lies with the lcd screen. Do these symptoms probably indicate that the screen needs to be replaced or is it the inverter only? I don't want to replace both since it could get expensive. Thanks!

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LCD Screen

by willcomp In reply to Is LCD screen the culprit ...

If the inverter were bad, there would be no display. Problem is water inside screen.

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Or water stains

by mafergus In reply to Is LCD screen the culprit ...

If any sediment were left over or if the water had anything else in it it could do the same thing. But it's all the same. Material is blocking or diffusing the backlight making part of the screen dim.

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