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Is Longhorn ever coming?

By stargazerr ·
Ok, now they have come up with Windows Vista..Is it a new way of delaying Longhorn even more or is Vista a beta version of longhorn?

They say that Vista will ignore ur monitor and we will get a 'monitor ignored' message. The scheme is called PVP-OPM and is apparantly intended to stop pirated disks from displaying their content.

But a side effect means that the same scheme will lock out displays which don't support PVP-OPM.

What the heck?

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Vista is Longhorn

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Is Longhorn ever coming?

Longhorn was the name MS hung on it's next operating system while it was being developed. Many companies give new products a development or project name. As the new product nears release, the Marketing department comes up with the name the final product will actually be called. In this case, the final product will be called Vista. Vista is currently in a trial release (Alpha? Beta? I didn't get a copy.). Some people feel Microsoft products are beta-tested by end user consumers after release, but that's a topic for another discussion :-)

As to your monitor question, who are "they" that are saying this? If your monitor is being ignored, where is the "Monitor Ignored" message going to be displayed? FUD is a tool often used by Microsoft, but it can be used against them too.

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So thats one theory cleared but what about the other?

by stargazerr In reply to Vista is Longhorn

Ok, so Vista is Longhorn....

The Beta version is out for testing right now...and about who says that its gonna ignore our was an article published in PC World.It is apparently supposed to make our monitors show a "Monitor Revoked" message.

And like u say (i totally agree)...Microsoft live on FUD...we, suckers buy microsoft just becoz it is a MICROSOFT...there is a **** of a lot of better software out there...

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The article

by CharlieSpencer In reply to So thats one theory clear ...

Did you read the original PC World article, or just what "they" said? See:,aid,122738,00.asp

I'm not the multimedia copyright expert around here but the problem apparently applies only to viewing protected content on a HDTV or widescreen monitor. There's a comment about MS agreeing to the film industry's dictates, so the movie companies are who you need to complain about, not MS. The article clearly is about protected content only; your monitor will continue to work just fine for everything else. I know you weren't worried about viewing pirated videos, were you?

The only FUD I see here is the 150 hits I got for "vista monitor revoked PC World" on Google. None of the few I checked could be bothered to link back to the original article, but they sure could misquote it and jump to conclusions.

I don't buy MS just because it's MS. I buy their products at work because of corporate dictates, and because I've had no complaints with their products at home.

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by TheChas In reply to Vista is Longhorn

Just a side note on Microsoft names.

While Vista is the new name of what was being called Longhorn, I read that the Longhorn name will be used for the next version of Windows Server.

Most of the features that were removed to shorten the development time were removed long before the name change.

Look at it this way, we will be treated to new Windows features for years to come.


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