Is making a pen drive formatter possible?

By codehm1 ·

I'm doing my Bachelors in computer science. I've been thinking of making a device that formats a pen drive. The machine would give options for the file system desired. I do not know how to start about it. Would someone please tell me if its possible even.. My idea is that maybe its possible with some processor kit with USB port support. In the first place, I would want to know if its possible. And if it is, can it be done within eight months, given the fact that this is the first time I'll be trying something like this.

Thank you.

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Anything is possible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is making a pen drive for ...

Though why someone would want to reinvent the wheel is a bit beyond me.

You would need something that has a working computer with a USB Port and then some form of EPROM that can be hard coded to do a set task. There would also need to be some form of Display Device and some input device to tell the unit what you want. In short a computer.


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What to use?

by codehm1 In reply to Anything is possible

Would a processor kit with USB support do? Could you tell me something I could use, such as what processor would be apt, or atleast direct me to some source, which has information on what I want to know. I am sorry, I understand that I am not being clear about what I want to know.

I am supposed to do a project, and I somehow cannot think of anything else. I haven't decided yet. Is it a very bad idea?

Thank you so much.

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I am not sure this will get you a good grade

by robo_dev In reply to What to use?

I am confused about what you have proposed.

There are many methods/utilities for performing format of USB devices, including the standard formatting capability that is part of Windows. It is possible to use a Linux utility to do the same thing.....

With respect to directly interfacing with the USB flash drive hardware, that is an entirely different matter.

There are utilities that can do this, as well. The complicating factor is that these utilties are mostly used by the drive manufacturers and are very specific to each specific manufacturer/chipset.

For example, there are utilities to be able to identify what particular manufacturer/chip set a USB flash drive uses, and in some cases there are also utilities to be able to fix or change features of the device that are part of the device firmware and hardware.


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Well effectively any device that reads USB Devices is Suitable

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What to use?

To do this ranging from the Car Radio/CD Player through to High End DVD Players/Recorders.

They would have the necessary Electronics to read the Chip so it would just be a matter of including the instructions to format it.

The problem isn't so much the actual Hardware itself as a Z80 CPU would have more than sufficient Processing Power to do this job if it was incorporated into the correct design it's what to use a a User Interface that allows them to see what they are doing and to input the instructions.

What are your Professor/s suggesting here?


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Thanks, i'll will try to use that information

by codehm1 In reply to Well effectively any devi ...

Thank you, robo_dev and OH Smeg.

I have not spoken to my professor yet. Dont think it will be of much help. But I'll speak to her on Monday.

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