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Is Microsoft at fault

By jterry ·
Why do I read about so many poeple who say they are not going to update windows to SP2 or install any Microsoft updates and than want to blame Microsoft when there PC gets corrupted? They are not only making their own PC vulnerable but opening themselves to be a Bot to infect others.

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cause their local geek told'em not too!

by grbeckmeyer In reply to Is Microsoft at fault

I've seen lots of this too, especially soon after it was released. Most of the time, someone they had talked to that they considered knowledgeable had advised them not to install it! Now I can understand in a business network environment where it could interfere with things like antivirus and remote management, but I've never understood the reasoning for delaying the install for a home user.

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it's simple

by apotheon In reply to cause their local geek to ...

If installing SP2 will cause irreparable damage to the system, the end-user could lose important data and need a system reinstall. Often, for end-users, system reinstalls are simply not an option.

In fact, I'd say that end-users are the ones with the really good reason for not installing SP2. A business can always back up data and reinstall the OS on a holiday if need be, in most cases. End-users often can't.

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And then again who wants to be

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to it's simple

A Beta Tester for M$?

In every business that I deal with I have to first test the patches and Service Packs on similar hardware before even considering rolling it out as they have been known to break far more than they fix.

My current bug bear with SP2 and all the Volume License stuff that I work with is that for some idiot reason after SP2 has been installed the copy of XP Pro is no longer recognized as a valid version of XP and you are instructed to report this to the M$ Anti Piracy Hotline. This particular copy of XP that I use is a pre SP1 and I've had to change the product keys when SP1 became available and again now it's just driving me nuts.

But in every business situation I've ever encountered there are numerous reasons not to implement things as big as SP2 until it has been fully tested and any updates have been done like Flashing the BIOS on every P4 computer. The number of times that I've been called out to get a computer working again after someone has installed SP2 is unbelievable. If they are an existing customer it's easy as I already know the hardware involved and I can download the latest BIOS before I go out and look like a wizard by just flashing the BIOS and it works again. but one place that I went to recently had installed SP2 to every computer in the place and on the reboot all they got to see was the POST screen then blank.

Of course I wasn't told this is what had been done I just got an Emergency phone call saying that none of the computers worked. When I finally worked out what had been done I then needed some way to connect to the Internet to get the BIOS updates so I could get the computers working again. Talk about a Catch 22 position.

Col ]:)

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Laptops are a techs best friend!

by jdclyde In reply to And then again who wants ...

That is why when I do support I ALWAYS have my laptop with me.

I can carry drivers and utilities.

Just about to upgrade from my pIII thinkpad to something newer. Many a time I really could have used a cd burner on the laptop for the drivers and such that get downloaded on-site.

At least the M$ fixes keep us in business....

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by apotheon In reply to Laptops are a techs best ...

Feel free to send that P3 Thinkpad to me when you no longer need it. I'm a huge fan of Thinkpads, and could use that one, I'm sure.

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Well I've just gone through a "Forced Upgrade"

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptops are a techs best ...

My old Notebook got a bit squashed by an excavator so I now have a Dual Layer DVD Burner if only I could find Dual Layer DVD in numbers and at a reasonable price.

But in the above case while I could use the modem in the Lt to get on line to download the required utilities or whatever I couldn't use one of their phones for so long as they required them for business after all they had no computers so no e-mail. Eventually I reconfigured the LT to work on their network by spoofing one of the installed computers as it was locked down fairly well and that made things even worse as everyone was trying to steal it to collect their e-mail. But without a LT, USB Sticks and drives I couldn't do the work I'm paid to do either.

It is however a real pain when you have to reconfigure it every time you need to log onto a different network or in this case act as a server which it really wasn't up to the task of doing. But I did get what I needed and then set about fixing up the mess. To me a LT is a tool just like a screwdriver but more important.

Col ]:)

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Tools or toys?

by jdclyde In reply to Well I've just gone throu ...

My bud is a mechanic and I love to compair "tool boxes". A case of Cd's and a laptop verses his huge cabenet of snap-on tools (NOT STRAP-ON!).

Best part of my laptop is I TRADED for it! I am always picking up used equipment when people "upgrade" and want the old crap out or from burned out techs that just want the crap out. Got my hands on a $1200 APS UPS that I traded work for a laptop that had just been laying around. Got that UPS as part of a pile that I paid $100 for, and sold one of the other pieces for $100.

Love trading up!

One of these daze I will get brave enough to dump the win2k and load linux on the laptop as well. (after I have a new one! Need to still run the windoze apps I support for now!)

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Well I cheat!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Tools or toys?

I carry around 3 LT HDD with me and one is loaded with XP, one with Unix and one with Debian and I just change drives as required it beats the hell out of caring several LT's around.

I can get away with a relativity cheap LT and a few other tools that all fit into a bag and the LT carry case less that a single handful there and not overly heavy either. But the screwdrivers that I do carry around with me are those cheap shoddy Snap On things. People try to steal them every chance that they get but so far I've managed to hold onto them and even worn the writing off the handles. They can't be all that good as I've only had them for about 15 years it's shocking.

Actually I've been using Snap On for ever now and my biggest problem with them is holding onto them as everyone tries to steal them I will not even allow my son to use them and I just do all my work with those tools they are really nice to use and will never cause you any problems with tearing skin off your hands like some of the cheap junk that is around. While they are not cheap over here they are certainly the best available now if only I could stop my wife complaining about the amount of money I spend on my tools.

I don't even know what the things I've got are actually worth only my accountant knows and I'm not looking a few months ago I needed a 36 mm slim Open end spanner for a job so I got the Snap On guy to come around and got the spanner and a number 2 posidrive screw driver and it only cost me somewhere around $98.00 AU which I thought was good unfortunately the wife was there and began complaining and started asking difficult questions about just what some of the tools cost I brought her a pair of the folding scissors and it kept her quite but I learned my lesson never allow the Snap On guy near my wife as just one socket costs more than a complete set of the cheap junk that she thinks will do the job.

She brought me a socket set a few years ago insisting on just how much money she had saved me within 6 months I had worn out all of the regular sockets and they needed replacing apparently they do not like being used on air tools so I'm replacing the worm out ones with Snap On ones and she's none the wiser.

Col ]:)

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What she doesn't know

by jdclyde In reply to Tools or toys?

won't hurt you.

I always had a free hand with my tools, computers, golf clubs and guns. As the EX didn't know anything about them and didn't know one from the other she never noticed if there was a new one. I would just forget to mention it and it was money I had saved out of my mad money. She spent her money on smokes and I spent mine on toys. I have cool toys now and she has black lungs. How fitting!

Yeah, I love the snap ons. But as my bud has all the automotive I only have to buy what I use around the house and on computers.

The right tool just makes all the difference!

I am just bummed out. I had to spend the money I was saving to get a new Kimber 45 ACP for my competition shooting but that money went to the lawyer instead. Glad I had it on hand though! Soon as the divorce is final I can start saving big time! With the boys only around every other week and the EX not around at all I save a fortune in food alone! Should have my Kimber by next spring. That and my new Caloway driver.

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or . . .

by apotheon In reply to Tools or toys?

If you can't give up Win2k completely, you could always just set up two system partitions and one FAT32 data partition, then use the two system partitions (probably one NTFS and the other ext3 or XFS or ReiserFS) to set up a dual-boot system.

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