Is Microsoft's System Centre 2012 is in fact Skynet?

By edgemcghee ·
At reading this your first question is probably going to be, is this man insane?

More than likely, but i've been reading about how the product is self-healing and can learn. If there's an error the product can't fix it will link to the web, research a solution and fix it.....computers communicating with one another and learning!

We all know what's next, we all wasted 120mins sitting through T3...the machines will rise and take over the world.

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Skynet, with one important difference

by robo_dev In reply to Is Microsoft's System Cen ...

The prospect of 'Microsoft Skynet' would mean that the system could be attacked and destroyed when it went BSOD from time to time, or most certainly on patch Tuesday where it's processors and disks were all pegged at 100% installing patches.

In the movies, technology is either:

a) Lacking redundancy and fail-over technology. Such that in Independence Day, compromising one node of the massive alien computer system instantly takes the whole thing offline, or in Star Wars Episode One where the army of battle droids simply freezes in place once the main computer goes off line. Or the obvious case in the Terminator where destroying the data center destroys ALL data related to the shiny-hand-thing...(hello, offsite backup or DR site??)

Or in movies, systems are hopelessly insecure, such as in the Matrix when Trinity managed to breach something like 500 UNIX servers in ten seconds and shut down the entire power grid.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Skynet, with one importan ...

Maybe she wrote a script ahead of time?
Or read the documentation for vulnerabilities, since it was the year 2000, she just had to look up what vulnerabilities it had back then, and write something to exploit them.

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Here is what she actually ran: Movie transcript

by robo_dev In reply to Is Microsoft's System Cen ...

state service
22/tcp open ssh

No exact OS matches for host

nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanneds
% sshnuke -rootpw-"Z1ON0101"
Connecting to ... successful.
Attempting to exploit SSHv1 CRC32 ... successful.
Reseting root password to "Z1ON0101".
System open: Access Level (9)
% ssh -l root
root@'s password:

RTF-CONTROL> disable grid nodes 21 - 48
Warning: Disabling nodes 21-48 will disconnect sector 11 (27 nodes)

ARE YOU SURE ? (y/n)

Grid Node 21 offline...
Grid Node 22 offline...
Grid Node 23 offline...
Grid Node 24 offline...
Grid Node 25 offline...

Kudos to the movie producers for actually making a computer exploit that looks like a computer exploit.

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Reponse To Answer

by gabbi_mcdonald In reply to Here is what she actually ...

That's great. I never knew they went to such detail. I always liked the Matrix as one of those "tech" films that you didn't have to flinch at because of the stupidity (unlike most movies; the Independence Day was a joke - don't even get me started on that one; Bruce Willis' Die Hard 4 made me want to cry in shame at the technical patheticness). So glad to know the Matrix was so much more careful and true to actuality (apart from computers taking over the world, killing or enslaving everyone, and other minor points like that ...).

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I see were you are comming from

by dayen In reply to Is Microsoft's System Cen ...

That is how it would start and remember Microsoft has the world's largest botnet the question is at what point will the network become aware of it Existence will if understand good vs. Evil, remember the human brain is an 8 bit system

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Reponse To Answer

by edgemcghee In reply to I see were you are commin ...

I can only assume at this stage the program will come up with the following answer.

Good = Microsoft
Evil = Apple

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Just watch out...

by mongocrush In reply to Is Microsoft's System Cen ...

if Microsoft gets a Military contract to provide the O/S for UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle), or a military robot.

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Reponse To Answer

by edgemcghee In reply to Just watch out...

If the O/S is anything like Vista it will probably crash....on us....whoever we are.

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Google = Skynet

by Albert Widjaja In reply to Is Microsoft's System Cen ...

not really my friend, the real Skynet is Google which is now records all aspect of our digital life.

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Reponse To Answer

by yuehan In reply to Google = Skynet

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