Is my computer vulnerable?

By sanks4545 ·
I used nmap on my localhost ( and found that there are indeed a few ports open for it. Does this matter if my localhost has ports open? Is that hackable or exploitable?

Also, I have begun learning Ruby on Rails and was wondering about security when hosting a rails server. Could someone find it an exploit it?

Many thanks.

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"there are indeed a few ports open"

by seanferd In reply to Is my computer vulnerable ...

There better be damn well more than a few open, or no internet or functioning computer for you. So, which ones? And when you look them up, they are being used for what they are expected to be used for?

You may one day be attacked over HTTP. Are you going to close port 80?

Someone can always find an exploit for something. Best to learn to secure your networks so the chance is minimal. Most attacks are based on well-known examples of poor configuration, and not code vulnerabilities being exploited.

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