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    Is my CPU shot


    by jdizzyl ·

    I just got a new power supply, and heat sink. Now when i start up my dell, it gets stuck on the dell boot screen, showing the options to hit F2 or F12. And hitting F2 or F12 does not do any thing.

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      by jdizzyl ·

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      shot cpu

      by jdizzyl ·

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      Well i figured out that my CPU fan is not working even though it is connected to the motherboard. Any ideas?.

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        New fan

        by dedlbug ·

        In reply to shot cpu

        Try a new fan. That may be all it is. There could be a setting in your BIOS that recognizes the FAN (may be) dead, causing your system to not boot.

        Maybe the fan died and the processor overheated and this is the result. A new fan to try would be worth it. =]

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