Is my extra drive now a door stop?

By DanLM ·
We just had a power spike with the snow we got, and when I checked. Neither of my machines had rebooted. When I rebooted my BSD box, I found that one of my drives would not mount. When I had rebooted, I did notice a clicking sound. After checking out the fstab, I found that the drive that wouldn't mount was my extra internal 160.

I pulled the drive, and put it in an external case I have and tried it again. This time I was also able to tell that the drive was having serious issues trying to spin up to speed. Included in this effort was a whine along with the clicks. Tried the external on both the windows box and the BSD box. Checked my messages in BSD, and it was all kinds of errors. Windows just said that unrecognized device. What I didn't do, and should have was check the boot process of the BSD machine when the drive was still installed as an internal to see if it was seen there. Because, when I checked in the fdisk area of sysinstall. It wasn't seen.

Sooooo, in that all my ebooks and downloaded executable was on this drive. I really would like to get the data off. The other 2 partitions were a backup partition and CVS.

Is it now a door stop? Or, should I just use it for road rage?


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You may be lucky and be able to make it work

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is my extra drive now a d ...

By changing the Circuit Board on the HDD with one from an identical HDD Same Make & Model that works. It's possible that the Circuit Board has been damaged causing the problems that you are experiencing and it would be a cheap Repair if it works.

If you really need the data off it there are always the Data Recovery Houses but they are anything but cheap so I would look at buying another HDD of the same Make & Model as the one that is no longer working and change the circuit board and see if it now works. At worst you'll be out a few $ and not be able to get all your data back. But it may just work as by your description it sounds as if the drive isn't spinning up to speed and the read write heads are flicking from stop to stop so it sounds like a faulty Circuit Board.


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thank you, I actually have another 160 at the house

by DanLM In reply to You may be lucky and be a ...

WD, just like the one that died. But, before I do anything I have to get another drive to back the good one up too. That one has my MySQL db's on it and iso's that I create to cover my butt.

Once I do that I defiantly will try switching the circuit board... This way, i save my data hopefully then I can create the door stop.


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