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Is my HD Dead?

By nomadmin ·
Hi community,

Boot disk failure, No hard disc drive detected, Primary master Not installed, Secondary master not installed, Three white lines in a black background after having all the graphics and webdesign programs with millions of colours...Ismy HD Dead in his 7th month?

is that because of virus, well if it is i had the last "antivirus" updated?

Is that because it is used 24/7, writing and reading the heavy application (graphics and 3d)?

Is that because I shared 10Go with my Network users, and evryone writing and reading from my HD?

Any suggestions ? Or I would appreciate the one saying my HD not dead.

Ok thanks

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Similar Experience

by dave4e2open In reply to Is my HD Dead?

If you have exhaused all other possibilities, you may want to install the 'bad' HD on another PC as a secondary drive.
If the other PC can recognize the second drive, you may have an opportunity to archive some of its contents. Then you can reformat and clean it up. Then swap it back into the original PC and load up the OS again.
I worked for me.

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I did and..

by nomadmin In reply to Similar Experience

Nothing new, It said the same, Disk boot Failure insert the disk boot in the driver A: and press any key to continue, If i do the autodetect from the bios it detect nothing, whatever my HD is master or slave...

Notice : the bios detect drivers,but at once my HD joined (as slave or master )the bios cannot detect anything, either the other drivers (masters) ?!?!

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Swap Time

by TheChas In reply to I did and..

1. Try another drive AS the ONLY drive on this PC.

It may be the IDE controller on the motherboard that is bad, or one of your other drives.

2. Boot up with just the power connector on the drive. Does the drive spin up and perform a 'normal'drive POST?
If so, the drive may be fine, and just having problems with the controller or another drive.

3. If you boot with a floppy and run fidsk, what does it tell you about the drive?

4. mount this drive on the secondary IDE controller in another PC, and see if you can access the drive.

If the drive is toast, it is either a virus (the software mfgs are always several days behind the virus writers)
Or, the drive had a infant failure.
7 months is on the long side, but not outsidethe limits for infant failures.

Where I work, we have numerous PCs that have been running 24/7 for years.


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Check the basics

by mcsarob In reply to Is my HD Dead?

Have you made any hardware/software changes to this PC?
Have you checked to make sure that all the cables are connected properly inside the box?
Can you boot from a floppy drive?
Also, check the BIOS settings to see if something there is causing a problem.
Your problem sounds more like a motherboard or cable issue, not just a hard drive.

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If it is not that then

by MallardtooXX In reply to Check the basics

I agree it could be something inside the case...but if you swapped out your HD to another computer and the same result occured then I am afraid it is time to file an RMA cause that HD is HOSED. Sorry that really bites. There are firms that can recover your drive for you but you have to shell out major smack for it to happen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news =(

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by mrafrohead In reply to If it is not that then

Actually - here's a last resort.

You say that it said the controller was going out. If you are at a business and you can find a like HD - I mean EXACTLY alike. I read that you can take the controller from the good hd and install it into the badone. Recover your data and then switch them back and get that RMA started.

Let me know if this works out for you as I have read it will, but haven't personally tried it.


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That just may work

by MallardtooXX In reply to

This is something I had not thought of. Mrafrohead is right you could possibly take the controller off and match it to another, possibly. I am not sure if that will work or not but I bet it is better than shelling out $1500-$2000 bucks to recover the data. Kudos to Mrafrohead for original thinking today, I award you 1 shot of windex! =)

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Windex - My FAVORITE!!!!

by mrafrohead In reply to That just may work

Dude, that's sweet!!! There's nothing like
a shot of windex. Goes down even smoother than Belvedere;)-~


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Thanks guys

by nomadmin In reply to Is my HD Dead?

Oh i was surprised about this bunch of reply and great ideas and solutioins to my problem that is not much avalaible in the other forums i used .
thanks anyway, the idea to use my HD in another computer does not work, still the one i use another good HD one same as mine, i will need in this case one HD for the test same as mine, and that give me the idea to buy one same for test and use if the test fail.

Thanks great guys, oh one other question

can we name companies and software editors and trademarks in the forum, to explain more or is not recomended, sometimes i want to name the models of hardwares or the versions of softwares but i just by myself said its maybe not recomended

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys

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