Is my HDD Fried?

By xcaliber13 ·
My wife currently has an ASUS A8N-VM mobo with a Maxtor 100GB HDD. I woke up four nights ago to the smell of burning circuit board only to find her power supply completely fried (I later pulled the supply out and tested it independently to confirm it was the culprit ... yeah it stank pretty bad). I replaced the supply and turned it back on and ... nothing happened.

Luckily I had another computer with the same exact components nearby that I could let her use, and so pulled out her HDD and transferred it over. The only problem is that the new computer won't detect the HDD in Bios or in Windows XP. Note that it DOES detect the same exact model and size HDD that was in there originally, just not the one my wife has her data on.

Is the HDD fried? I tried switching cables, booting with it plugged to both SATA slots, booting with just it in, it was never detected. Also tried adding new hardware in Windows, likewise no luck.

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It looks like

by Jacky Howe In reply to Is my HDD Fried?

the faulty PSU has taken out the controller card on the Hard drive if it isn't being detected in the BIOS.

If the data is valuable you should try this but it's expensive.

OnTrack Data Recovery

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Yes, Partially

by TheChas In reply to Is my HDD Fried?

It is very possible that when the power supply failed that the controller board on the hard drive was damaged.

One thing you can try to recover the data is to buy the exact same model hard drive and swap the controller board from the new (used) drive to your existing drive and hope for the best.

As long as the motors on the hard drive were not damaged, you should be able to recover the data.

Note: if you can recover the data, copy it to another drive and then swap the controller board back to the donor drive.

Hard drives have vents on them and some of the smoke from the power supply may have gotten onto the platters of the drive.


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Swapping Boards

by xcaliber13 In reply to Yes, Partially

My wife has already purchased a new HDD to use, but would like to get the data off of the old one if possible. I've never swapped controller boards before; any advice on how best to do so?


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This is fairly easy to do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Swapping Boards

But you need an Identical HDD to take the Circuit Board from.

If you use a different model HDD even the revision Number the Controller Board will be different and not likely to work with the Damaged HDD.

It is just a matter of unscrewing the Circuit Board that is held on by 4 or 6 Torx Screws so you'll need a Torx Driver to unscrew the screws and transferring it along with the Protector Covering between the Circuit Board and the HDD chassis to the damaged HDD. and screwing it on.

With Modern HDD there are several Pins that come out from the bottom of the HDD Casing and connect to the Circuit board not any Ribbon Cables so there is no real problems with fitting a different Circuit Board.

Just make sure Not To Open the HDD Case Itself as these need to remain sealed to prevent dust and other crud getting inside the HDD.

When I have swapped Circuit Boards in the past I get the Data off the Drive Immediately and I do not expect the Dinar Drive to be usable after the recovery. That way when things work I'm pleasantly surprised but I'm not in a position of expecting the Dinar Drive to work again so I make any necessary Backup's before starting.


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