Is my home network dropping my NAS streaming of video?

By bp910213 ·
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Well .... first time viewer / poster / member ....

Ok ... so tonight, and I'm not sure if it's been happening other nights just noticed it. I have on my system
A Router Linksys WRT 3200ACM
A LapTop MSI / Win10
A NAS: LS421DE Buffalo Linkstation

I've got quite a bit of music stored and tonight when trying to play it while others were watching tv was playing it on my laptop while I worked. Now there were various times where the stream stopped. I'd look at TaskManager and it show 0 for sent and received on the network.

I finally opened a command window and would ping the NAS and the Router and I'd get 500ms time values.

A couple of times even my wifi connection would drop ... I don't have it connect automatically.

How do I trouble shoot this?

Again any information is gratefully accepted.
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