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    Is my internet line watched?


    by mrredonion ·

    I accessed my modem and under LAN clients, I saw 3 mac address of my one smartphone with IP address and while mine is
    Someone should inform me what is happening…

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      by mrredonion ·

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      “They” are always watching you!!!

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

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      Keep the tinfoil handy…meanwhile, it would appear that your modem is assigned
      one of the IP addresses and probably a router for the other, along with your
      smartphone. If you enabled WEP and picked a pretty decent password, your
      WiFi network should be ok, but if you left it open, then a neighbor could be
      piggy-backing on your WiFi.

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      Your one smartphone has three MAC addresses?

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Is my internet line watched?

      That’s what you just said. Maybe you could clarify what you are seeing.

      Are the connections active? Many routers keep track of devices previously connected, as well as everything currently connected.

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      Someone watching you

      by jk20092010 ·

      In reply to Is my internet line watched?

      Following article describes how to know if someone is watching you on Internet:

      http://www.tekgazet. com/will-my-boss-monitor-internet-use/net/22.html

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