Is my laptop overheating?

By beanmachine14 ·
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I just got my laptop for school and I noticed that when I was just web browsing, my cpu temp was reaching 65-70 celcius. I just have it on my desk but it is hot to the touch. CPU usage is at 15%. I turned on comfort mode (which increases fan speed and decreases cpu speed) and it is still hot but only around 50 degrees. After I lifted it off my desk for a bit it was down to 45. I am a bit concerned about this but I want to know if this is normal?

HP Envy x360 15M-EE0013HP
Ryzen 5 4500U
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No, this isn’t really normal.

by FrostyDoggo In reply to Is my laptop overheating?

This isn’t really normal. This might be because a bad motherboard or maybe even a bad power adapter? You said your school gave this to you so maybe it was used by other students? Other than that, so it isn't really normal.

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Check Task Manager

by sidshan61 In reply to Is my laptop overheating?

Generally, this temperature is normal for a laptop. However, it may be possible that some other programs are running in the background. Simply open the task manager and end the unnecessary tasks.

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