Is my motherboard dead? Or??????

By picots62422 ·
This is a followup question to my power problem posted earlier today. All peripherals have been disconnected on my ecs 741gx-m mobo, memory has been changed, battery on cmos replaced, processor seated correctly. Still will not power up. No Luck, no lites, no hum, no motor car, not a single luxury...... I did remove the 20 pin power connector at the motherboard, and install a jumper from the black wire to the green wire and the case fans power up. I then tested dc voltage from black wire to yellow (12v), then red (5v). I think the power supply is okay, but I may be wrong. Is there a chance my mobo up and died?

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If it walks like a duck...

by robo_dev In reply to Is my motherboard dead? ...

Motherboards fail more frequently thatn power supplies, in my experience.

Make sure none of the PS pins are bent or the contacts in the connector are pushed up inside.

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motherboard may have faliled

by picots62422 In reply to If it walks like a duck.. ...

all connections are good and secure. Can you recommend any other tests I can run? or shall I go ahead and purchase another mobo? I just want to be fairly certain that the problem does not exist somewhere else. Thanks Also if it is the mobo that failed, any suggestions for a replacement? The processor is AMD Athlon XP2800+ Thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Is my motherboard dead? ...

An old problem that struck many socket A motherboards is a bad batch of filter capacitors.

Take a look at the capacitors on the motherboard near the CPU socket. If any of them are bulging or show signs of a liquid leaking from them, that is the problem.

Generally speaking, it is cheaper to replace rather than repair a motherboard with bad filter capacitors. Motherboards have multiple layers of circuitry, and it takes special equipment and soldering skills to change out components without damaging the board.


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if you have access...

by m61 In reply to Is my motherboard dead? ...

...to another powersupply that is similar to the one you currently, and that you know works, test with that powersupply. the results should give you a pretty definitive answer

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Check that the BIOS Battery is inserted correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is my motherboard dead? ...

As you have had this apart check for dislodged Plug in Cards and RAM. The side with the Printing on should be away from the M'Board and readable.

Have you tried booting without any RAM inserted to see if the M'Board shows any signs of Life? It should proceed to Beep to tell you that there is no RAM present if it does that look at the RAM that has been fitted as a possible culprit.

What Static Control Measures did you take when you opened the case. It's quite possible that you could have killed the M'Board if none where taken.


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your motherboard might be dead...

by butch_firefox In reply to Check that the BIOS Batte ...

if the power supply is ok and all other accessories are good,it just means one thing..your motherboard might have been totally damaged and i suggest you to procure either a new motherboard to replaced or new unit...gud luck..!!!

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gonna replace mobo

by picots62422 In reply to your motherboard might be ...

well folks, I think the mobo gave up the ghost, it flat out does nothing. Gonna bury it!!!! I ordered another mobo. Will get back to y'all.. Thank you, thats all folks!!!!!!!!!!!

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