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Is my Motherboard DOA?

By Sunny one ·
Upgrade to an existing system, replace the Motherboard (ECS 755-A2 K8HT1600) CPU (Athlon 64 3000+) new memory. The hard drive is only 4 months old. Plan was to backup, install new hardware, come up, reformat the hard drive and a new install of Win XP PRO. PC does not come up, no beep codes, no POST, no BIOS, no evidence that the hard drive spins up, but the fans run, including the CPU fan. Thoughts? Thanks!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Is my Motherboard DOA?

The first thing to do is unplug the hard disk cables and pull the memory. Then place ONE memory chip in the system and see if you get a POST beep.

In the event that fails, pull the memory and see if you get a POST error code.

I highly recommend the steps in the PC Troubleshooting Guide here:

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by Sunny one In reply to

It didn't help.

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by huios In reply to Is my Motherboard DOA?

I agree with Bfilmfan, you may want to check to be sure your memory is compatible to your motherboard it takes DDR from 200MHz up to 400MHz. Also check your VGA card, be sure it is AGP 8x, also try using the clear CMOS jumper to reset BIOS. I have found that many times when I first install a new CPU and memory into a system that the BIOS needs reset. This may be from the factory testing the board with a different CPU than what you put in. If you try all that unplug everything except CPU (with cooling fan) and power and see if you get any error codes, if you get no codes, I'd return the board for a new one an call it DOA at that point, unless you have access to a POST probe diagnsotic tool. Good Luck.

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by Sunny one In reply to

Still no go.

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by willcomp In reply to Is my Motherboard DOA?

The first thing to do when troubleshooting is to reduce your system to the fewest components necessary for a basic boot. Disconnect signal and power cables from all drives. Remove all add-in cards except video card. Disconnect any other peripheral devices (i.e. printers, scanners, USB drives).

Remove motherboard from case and place on cardboard or foam to rule out chassis shorting.

Try to boot with minimal configuration. If successful, sequence back removed components until the culprit is identified.

If you still cannot boot, posibilities have been narrowed down.

No beeps with minimal configuration could indicate memory, motherboard, or CPU failure.

Motherboard shorting to case is another possibility.

Also ensure CPU cooling fan is operable and plugged into CPU 3 pin power connector. There may be a boot permissive for CPU fan speed.

Anytime I build a new system or replace a mobo, I assemble mobo, CPU, RAM, and video; hook up a power supply and keyboard; and boot motherboard on bench prior to mounting in case. Catches problems quicker while everything is easily accessible and makes identifying shorting/grounding problems after assembly in case easier.


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by Sunny one In reply to

No change.

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by HereInOz In reply to Is my Motherboard DOA?

All of the above plus one thought: If you have a PCI video card that you know is good, use that instead of the AGP card.

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by Sunny one In reply to

I tried that too.

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by araxis In reply to Is my Motherboard DOA?

Get on eBay run a search under computers etc for a POST CARD..Not a post mail card, but a POST CARD for motherboards.

Its a card that goes into the pic slot of your motherboard.It comes with a code book & the card will generate codes on the LED telling you whats wrong with the Motherboard.I have fixed many a dead mb doing this.

don't pay higher than 15 bucks for one & make sure they TELL YOU THROUGH EMAIL THE CODEBOOK IS INCLUDED.

Good Luck!

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by Sunny one In reply to

Didn't find one. I eneded up returning the MB and CPU (bought as a pair) to the store. They thought it was the MB and told me that they had had quite a few of them come back DOA.
Oh, well. Happily the new MB and CPU were good kids.

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