Is my Nvidia 8800 GT a dead case?

By firefox5000 ·
My PC died 2 days ago.I think it is the grafic card that is broken, again.
I have removed the power connector inside the computer box from the card. I had my computer (HP pavilion d4180) repaired 1 year ago and the power connector cable to the 8800 GT seems to go directly into the power supply( HP made that, dont know if it is a good thing)
I have not disconnected the card from the motherboard. My question is; do I have to disconnect the card from the motherboard and then turn on the PC and se if it works without the card? Or can I leave it connected since the power cable is removed?

I have a 400 watt power supply.I have read on internet that it isnt enough or is it, for the 8800 GT 512 MB, reference card?

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If there was a supplementary Power Connector on the Video Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is my Nvidia 8800 GT a de ...

You need to disconnect the Video Card from the M'Board or it will attempt to draw too much power through the Tracks on the M'Board and may cause unrepairable damage tot he M'Board.

If this Video Card is Original Equipment with this system you can try looking on HP's Web Site and see if they have issued a Recall on it as there where some NVidia Video Chip Sets that where supposed to have a Design Problem in them. I'm not sure what the results have been with these Chip Sets or even if NVidia has made a decision about them yet.


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I had 7800 GTX and then.....

by firefox5000 In reply to If there was a supplement ...

it broke I got 8800 GT from HP.
If my present card has to be replaced I should be able to replace it with a card that demands at least 400 watt power supply.
There is an low power 9800 GT(400 watt power supply nedeed) and a Radeon card that demands only 350 watt power suppply.
Can I use the same power connector cable for a ATI card.

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RE: Can I use the same power connector cable for a ATI card.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I had 7800 GTX and then.. ...

This should be a standard Plug on the Video Card so it should be a straight switch to plug in any other Video Card.

If the Video Card as a Special Socket on it the new Video Card comes with a Special Plug that goes onto the Video Card and then plugs into one of the Power Supplies Connectors.

You should always keep any Special Adapter Cables with the Cards that they plug into.


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My motherboard can handle.....

by firefox5000 In reply to If there was a supplement ...

video graphics external only.
Does this mean that it does not have integrated video memory. If so when i turn on the PC without a grafic card then I will not be able pass more than to the boot option, that is if the grafic card is the only damaged part.
I remember when I installed Vista and had to install drivers for 8800 GT, it could load vista without the 8800 GT device installed via the drivers or does the card have to be pluged in?

mother board specification;

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External means not on the board

by LarryD4 In reply to My motherboard can handle ...

No matter the card, the industry standard is all vid card manufacturers will support the standard VGA drive for all OS's. So that even if you put the card in a Linux or Mac the OS should be able to use the "basic" driver to get going.

I can't believe that HP says their 400 watt power supply will support an 8800. It may be a redesign for HP, my 8800's need at least 550 watts by themselves so I have a 1000 watt for the two in my system. But always use the plug from the power supply to the card. Its a dedicated circuit, which is what the 8800 needs.

When the it says "External Only" it means that you don't have a video card built in to the motherboard. You will have to use the PCIE x16 slot. And yes if you remove the video card currently in that slot and turn on the PC it will probably just beep at you because there is no video card installed.

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Since my PC wont start....

by firefox5000 In reply to External means not on the ...

I have to take out the grafic card and see whether the PC starts. Is it safe to do this since i have no video card built in to the motherboard, as u explained?
If the PC starts and beeps , then i know that the 8800 GT has to be replaced with another card.

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Yes it is perfectly safe to do this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Since my PC wont start... ...

Just make sure that you don't have a cup of coffee in your hand while you are turning the thing on.

As this M'Board is specially made for HP by ASUS it may even allow the system to load Windows it just depends on what was built into the M'Board as Firmware Control but no matter just turning the thing off after testing will not hurt anything.


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