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Is my Plan OK?

By tjg50311 ·
Well, I'm 14, and planning for a a career in networking. I figured I'd go to college and get a degree in Computer Science. I would say I'm a pretty advanced computer user for my age, I built my computer, did my wireless network and built my own website. Any tips/suggestions for me?

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I have one tip........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Is my Plan OK?

Change your avatar. It's a 2MB file and takes forever to load. You need to use some sort of graphics editing software to resize it down to 45x60 instead of displaying the huge file being resized by the web page.

<edited - afterthought>

Afterthought: Here, I did it for you. Right click the link and choose "save target as", download the file to your hard drive then FTP it to your server. Then, go into your profile and change the link to your avatar.


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listen to thumbs

by TheVirtualOne In reply to I have one tip........

that was really annoying.

here's my $.02

get some basic certs. learn networks inside and out. get experience while you get your degree. Don't ever stop.

Hire people. It's easy for you to charge $100 per hour but It's better to know that your company is billing 10 customers at the same time.

Build relationships.

I'm done.

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