Is my video card bad?

By tophubufu ·
I have an HP Slimline, and it worked great for a while but recently the monitor has been shutting off and I get a loud buzzing sound out of my surround sound speakers when it does this, then I started having trouble with booting up, I reinstalled windows 7 and that seemed to fix the booting issues, but now my monitor when it boots up will freeze on my desktop. The picture in areas is fine, but in corners of the screen there are flashes like lighting bolts that continue to flash and nothing happens until I shut off the computer and reboot. Is this my video card? I

I have my monitor connected to my xbox 360 and it works fine. I have been told that my video card has over heated and probably over time burned out, is that the problem?

My computer also has the TV tuner card which is very close to the video card, so close that the fan on the video card is almost touching the tv tuner card. that is what has caused over heating.

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Hmmmm....could be both

by robo_dev In reply to Is my video card bad?

Is the resolution of the Xbox the same as the PC video adapter?

There's a big difference if the screen is being fed a 800x600 video source vs. 1280x1024. A marginal display might get all noisy at the higher resolution, but work fine at lower res.

Typically when a video card overheats you see things like flashing squares, ghosting and the like, but I've never hear of one making noise.

on the other hand, if your video card fan is being blocked, then it's probably toast.

Based on what you describe, I would say 80% chance it's the video card, 15% it's the monitor, and 5% chance that both are bad.

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Good chance its the video card

by Slayer_ In reply to Is my video card bad?

They are very fragile things.

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Well just to make sure I would suggest

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is my video card bad?

Downloading the Ultimate Boot CD here


Make a Boot Disc and run off that. If the Video Problems continue the Video Card is shot but if the Video is OK you need to look at the installed OS as the problem. You can also run various Video Diagnostics here to double check the display card.

It shouldn't matter how close any card is to the Video Card provided that the case has airflow through it things shouldn't get damaged.

Though depending on what your Video Card actually is there could have been a design flaw/fault which has caused the Chips to overheat and degrade dramatically. This has happened with a lot of NVidia Cards because it is alleged that NVidia had either a manufacturing fault or a design fault with some of their Video Chip Sets which has resulted in their early failure.

Though if you overclock or over drive any Video Card it's going to produce problems. You should also see if there are any new drivers available for your Video Card if the Ultimate Boot CD proves that there is no problem with the card.

To use the Ultimate Boot CD you may need to alter the Boot Order in BIOS to Optical Drive before HDD.


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