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Is Netscape officially dead?

By just_chilin ·
With the coming of FireFox no one seems to be talking about netscape anymore. Has Netscape finally given up?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Is Netscape officially de ...

"evelopment work was taken over by the Mozilla open source project, which was originally started in early 1998 by Netscape Communications and continued when AOL acquired Netscape later that year. Last year the people behind Mozilla created a foundation, largely funded by a $2 million pledge from AOL, to build, support, and promote Mozilla products."

AOL has now taken over Netscape and I assume is releasing new Netscape versions, though I run screaming from AOL so I wouldn't know what they use now.

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by Jaqui In reply to Is Netscape officially de ...

netscape is still being developed.
released, patched.
as much as I detest aol myself, they have not made more than one small alteration to netscape.
( they took the icq client and added aim to it also. )

netscape is very much alive.
and is a more polished version of mozilla. ( not firefox )

the differences between netscape and mozilla is the the skinning, about 5 features, and the chat clients.
chatzilla, irc client with mozilla, icq/aim with netscape.

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not dead... but will not break into my world

by house In reply to nope

...anytime soon.

I do not like the Mozilla Suite, NS, Opera, or any of that garbage.

If you live in your browser, then maybe...

I understand that IE is being developed into a multi functional interface/ "smart client" - sounds like more holes to me.

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