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Is Netware on it's way out?

By stevenv1999 ·
I've heard rumors that NetWare is not going to be competitive in a few years. I would like to know what other IT professionals think?

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by Cail In reply to Is Netware on it's way ou ...

Personally I think is going to be arround for a long time, specially with the new version they are coming out with.
I have 8 Servers all with novell 4x and 5x, also Grpwise, web access etc.
Novell still will be here for a long time

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I hope so

by marshallkeithusa In reply to

I am personally working heavily with linux
now but novell is one of my favorites. It is
a **** of a lot better than Micro&luff.
Eventually I would like to work somewhere
that use both Novell and linux and use nds
for linux.

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There's a few aspects to consider.

by eBob In reply to Is Netware on it's way ou ...

1 - IPX/SPX - dead, dead, dead. And not a moment too soon! It died when Novell came out with Netware 5, of course, in case you were looking for something to put on the tombstone.

2 - Directory Services. This is a tough one. Until MS' ADS, there was only one actually usable DS: Novell. ADS might be able to kill off NDS. "But" if Novell and Netscape and who knows who else can make LDAP usable then perhaps ther might be a challenge to ADS. But if these LDAP'rs are still sleeping while the "Beast from Redmond" rolls on, then Novell's effort in DS dies.

3 - NOS: for file and print sharing. There are easier ways to do this, now. F & PS is no reason to hang on to Netware as a NOS.

4 - Legacy Applications. The only hope for Novell is thatthe applications which run so well in Netware continue to be supported AND evolve. If that base starts to erode, then the only reason to keep Netware around is for file & print sharing (see #3), and that just isn't worth it.

Just my $0.02.

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