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Is Office alternative WinLibre any good?

By Dr Dij ·
I stumbled upon this software when looking for video editors.

I haven't downloaded or tested this (151 meg).
There is only 1 revu.

For all those whining about high MS ofc prices, is this a reasonable alternative?
I'm going to just sit back and listen.

This is what shows for Winlibre:

WinLibre is a Free/Open Source software distribution for Windows. It includes Office (Word processor, Spreadsheet, Drawing, Presentation, PDF); Internet (FireFox, email client, FTP, HTML composer, Instant messaging); Multimedia (Audio MP3, OGG; Video: AVI, MPEG, DIVX). It also comes with Create (2D/3D,vector drawing, Audio editor) and Tools (Zip/UnZip, Remote PC control, Antivirus). Version 0.3.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, and bug fixes

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don't know as

by Jaqui In reply to Is Office alternative Win ...

I don't have windows, but I would recommend waiting until they get closer to version 1.0
the 0. versions are the beginning of development, and may not have the feautres / functionality you need or want.

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Nothing new

by TheChas In reply to Is Office alternative Win ...

Take a look at the Versions link at the WinLibre web site.

WinLibre, and several other options out there, are just ISO image compilations of free open source software.

The office suite on WinLibre is Open Office from

For many users, Open Office is a viable alternative to MS Office.

Open Office is presently in the final stages of Beta testing for version 2.0

Firefox and Thunderbird are both at version 1.0.2
Since these were security fixes, you do want to install the latest releases of these.

It may be convenient to download a single ISO image for setting up multiple PCs with these packages.

Personally, I prefer to download the latest version from the primary web site for the specific software.


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Cool, Thanks

by Dr Dij In reply to Nothing new

So that is probably good that is same open source. Is this same as Sun's previous contributation to open office (Was it Star office or something which I think they kept a version of themselves and are working on).

I suppose now I've gotten curious enuf to actually try this.

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Star Office

by TheChas In reply to Cool, Thanks

Open Office is based on the Star Office code.

Sun still contributes to Open Office.

There is an older discussion thread that looked at the various alternatives to MS Office.

If you can find it, there are some good links and information posted.


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