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Is PC still a ... "PC"

By dick_kp ·
After so many years, the role of personal computer (PC) is changed, besides just hardware and software. It now allows you to connect to the Internet (the world) and shares your files with other people (with or without your notice) so is your computer still personal?

I don?t mean to ask for a new name for PC such as network computer, what I am interested in is people interact with people all the same but we are still an ?individual?. It is the same as our computer? After connected to the Internet, is your computer still an ?individual??

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Mine is :-)

by dawgit In reply to Is PC still a ... "PC"

and one can tell by its (their) name(s) if / when they ever get to connect to it (them) on a network (as in the Inter/outer-net)

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Personal as opposed to departmental

by DC Guy In reply to Is PC still a ... "PC"

The term was originally coined to distinguish a desktop system that could sit in your office from a mainframe or mini that was off in the "computer room." The essence of a "personal" computer is that you, a single person, have control over it rather than it being a shared, scheduled, departmental resource.

That has changed since the advent of networking. Your company may have more control over your workstation than you do. I've seen workstations that had the peripheral ports disabled so people could not up- or download data. And of course you're probably prohibited or at least severely limited in the software you can install.

Still, this is a far more "personal" appliance than the old corporate mainframe.

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Internet or not,

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Is PC still a ... "PC"

my computer is still personal. I chaperone her when she connects anywhere, don't allow her to join any network, keep her out of chats and guide her to places I think (hope and pray!) won't do her any harm.
I brought her here to TR to learn more about what makes her tick and how to help her to live a long productive life.

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Yes it is - well atleast mine is - its mine, mine, mine

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Is PC still a ... "PC"

it belongs to me personally. Seriously folks, you to have look at the computing world when the term was generated. The first computers were huge things that many people shared the time on, first by taking programs to it, and later by accessing it over a network. Then the minicomputer came along, like a mainframe but less powerful and designed to be shared by only 25 or so people. then the micro-computer which was used by only one person, each ahd their own cpu.

Into this broth walked Big Blue, IBM for those not familiar with the term, and they finally accepted that the micro-computer market would sell more than the 20 to 50 thousand units world wide that they had originally estimated. So they developed their own micro-computer and wanted a new catchy name for it - they called it, wait for it, I said wait for it, The Personal Computer as it was for each individual person to have one and not share it with others like mainframes did. Now we network them so that we can use a bunch to emulate what the mainframes did. sheesh.

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PC for families...

by ITdesperado In reply to Is PC still a ... "PC"

I love the term pc. Because I used to have to share mine with everyone else, I built every member of the family their own computer (apart from the 2 year old disguised as an angel) and guess what. I HAVE MY OWN PC. My personal computer. All mine. No-one elses. Mine to play games. Mine to surf the web. Mine to add or take off bits whenever I choose to. Mine to download po, umm, never mind. Everyone elses is networked for the net only, not to see my computer. Why? BECAUSE IT'S MINE. So yeah, I think pc still applies :)

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In other words...

by ITdesperado In reply to PC for families...

I totally agree with ernest. My pc!! :)

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