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Is Private cloud more secured than Public cloud in terms of cybersecurity

By ajoyganguly1 ·
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Hi all,

Just wanted to see how everyone feels about private vs public cloud when it comes to cybersecurity. If private cloud is more secured, why?

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Cyber security of public and private clouds in a nutshell

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to Is Private cloud more sec ...

This is a key question in the whole debate of what is more secure is it an on-premises environment or is it the clouds. This is an area where managed service providers can help you find the right answers.

Private Clouds
The theory and the basic logical answer suggest that when you hand the driving seat of your IT department to an external source the risk goes up drastically. The easier solution in this scenario would be to opt for dedicated servers in a private cloud environment.

Maintaining private clouds in terms of management and investment is a massive task that requires you to make sure that you find a good resource that can maintain the security of your private cloud from time to time.

Other than that you have to make sure that your employees are following the data security guidelines properly because it only takes one sloppy employee to compromise the entire setup with a single click.

The Public Cloud

The providers of pubic cloud solutions are not taking the security aspect lightly as they are constantly on the target of attackers. So, they have adopted some sophisticated machine learning technology that is maintained regularly to access and maintain the security of public clouds.

Other than that that these companies are constantly investing in security testing experts to test their environment through different cyber attacks.

At The End

It is difficult to appoint a clear winner because in the end it really all comes down to companies and enterprises to adopt the best security policies & practices. Educating employees to follow these practices should be the ultimate goal after deploying the choice of security.

Having said that to avoid the inevitable that is you may face a situation where a cyber-attack may cause downtime which can be avoided if you set up a remote backup & disaster recovery site. You can go for Veeam powered backup and disaster recovery appliance from StoneFly DR365V that combines the flexibility of Veeam with their AI-powered ransomware protection software features embedded within SCVM.

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which cloud is more secure- public or private

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Is Private cloud more sec ...

It is found that in the public cloud, generally the security elements are provided by third-party cloud service providers whereas in the private cloud the security elements are configured in-house or they can be outsourced to a managed security service provider and they offer more control over security elements.
The public cloud is not very complex and at the same time does not depend upon old technologies but at the center it offers a more secure platform.

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cloud security

Hello There,

I agree that many big enterprises prefer to use Private Cloud to keep their data secure. But it doesnt mean that the data on public cloud is not secure at all. In many cases, Public cloud data could be access by cloud provider because they hold all the rights to shift your data according to technical issues or requirement. And that creates a space of data insecurity.

On the other hand, Private Cloud is your own property that nobody can have access. And can not make any change without your permission. Private Cloud is mostly used to store financial or personal details of customers.

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Is Private cloud more secured than Public cloud in terms of cybersecurity

by cloudhostingindia2 In reply to Is Private cloud more sec ...

A private cloud could be more protected yet also much more costly than sharing services with a public cloud provider.

I agree that lots of big ventures like to use Personal Cloud to maintain their information protect. Yet it doesn't indicate that the data on public cloud is not secure in all. In a lot of cases, Public cloud information could be gain access to by cloud provider because they hold all the rights to shift your information according to technical concerns or requirement. Which develops a room of information insecurity.

On the other hand, Exclusive Cloud is your own property that no one can have access. And also can not make any type of modification without your approval. Personal Cloud is mainly used to store economic or personal details of clients.

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