Is Python programming language use in AI and Machine Learning?

By priyankaigmguru ·
I have a query in regards to as we know python use in data science but is python also used in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I also want to know which technology using a python programming language.
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Shouldn't Matter If You Engineer AI using Python

by engineeringera In reply to Is Python programming lan ...

Python is an all-accessible tool that is very fundamental based. It'll lay down your foundations for coding. I don't think there is a restriction for using one language or the other, for ML. If you can find a way to engineer AI using Python, more power to you!

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If you want to engineer AI

by engineeringera In reply to Shouldn't Matter If You E ...

After this thread, I went of to research a bit more - turns out that you need not learn JUST Python, there are other more specific languages for AI, and ML out there. Just google AI related languages, and you will find a plethora of tools to cater to every niche that you want to engineer AI for.

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Python programming language

by bracknelson In reply to Is Python programming lan ...

Yes, It is used for AI and Machine Learning.

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Is Python programming language used in AI and Machine Learning

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Is Python programming lan ...

Python is a popular language for AI and Machine learning because advantages of Python that make it the best fit for machine learning and AI-based projects include simplicity and consistency, access to great libraries and frameworks. It also provides flexibility, platform independence, and a wide community.

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python used in AI & Machine learning

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Is Python programming lan ...

Computer-based intelligence or artificial intelligence is profoundly affecting the world we live in, with new applications rising steadily. Brilliant designers are picking Python as their go-to programming language for the various advantages that make it especially appropriate for AI and profound learning ventures.

Python’s broad choice of AI explicit libraries and structures disentangle the improvement procedure and cut advancement time. Python’s basic grammar and comprehensibility advance fast testing of complex calculations and make the language open to non-developers.

It likewise lessens the psychological overhead on engineers, opening up their mental assets with the goal so that they can focus on critical thinking and accomplishing venture objectives. Lastly, the straightforward punctuation makes it simpler to work together, or move extends between designers.

Python additionally flaunts a vast, dynamic network of designers who are glad to offer assistance and backing, which can be important when managing such complex ventures.

While other programming dialects can likewise be utilized in AI ventures, there is no escaping from the way that Python is at the front line, and ought to be given critical thought. This is the reason you should consider Python for your AI venture.

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