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Is RAID-0 faster with 7200 rpm SATA II or 10k rpm SATA?

By betterthanthelotto ·
I am purchasing a new high-end workstation that needs to be as fast as possible for multi-tasking - mainly Office app's (Outlook, Word, Excel...) & Internet research (many open windows). I am planning RAID-0 with two 7200 rpm SATA II drives OR two 10000 rpm SATA drives, but I don't know which will type will be fastest. Machine spec's: Processesor is Pentium-D 930 (3.0Ghz, 2 x 2MB L2, 800mhz); RAM is 2G of 667mhz ECC DDR2 SDRAM; product is Dell Precision 380; HD options: 80G 10k rpm SATA w/8MB or 160G 7200 rpm NCQ SATA II w/8MB.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Is RAID-0 faster with 720 ...

What is the speed of the IO card?

That will be the determining factor over drive speed.

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by betterthanthelotto In reply to Is RAID-0 faster with 720 ...

I don't know, I'll try to find out and will re-post.

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by betterthanthelotto In reply to Is RAID-0 faster with 720 ...

Dell technical department was unable to find actual IO speed. However, he did claim that it would "max out the drive" (i.e. that the IO controller would not be the bottleneck); also said it was a "very good one" and wouldn't be worth spending the money on their IO card because it wouldn't outperform the onboard one.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Is RAID-0 faster with 720 ...

May be this would help you decide.

Below is an extract taken from the following link.


"Right now if you use a SATA II controller will really only see a improvement between the controller and the rest of the system with first generation SATA drives. The controller can only talk at the speed of the drive but if you have multiple drives the SATA II controller will be able to transfer from all drives to the system at a higher rate than a SATA controller.

Here is an example from Addonics where they claim a 200 MB/s transfer with 4 SATA 7200 RPM drives in RAID 0,

If you used SATA II drives the overall performance would be a step better than comparable 7200 RPM SATA drives. In theory you would be able to max out the transfer from the controller to the system. The Raptor may be close to doing that as well with 4 drives.

By comparing the specs on the Hitachi drives vs the Raptor I would expect the Raptor would still outperform the Hitachi drives SATA II interface or not. The Hitachi drive specs other than the SATAII interface are the same as its PATA sister drive for sustatain transfer and seek times. The sustained transfer of the Raptor specs at 72 MB/s vs Hitachi peaks at 61MB/s, also the Raptor has superior seek and latency times.

Hard drives still face physical limits for the mechanical portion of the drive. Improving the interface can help (features like NCQ) but the underlying mechanics are still the same. Changing the drives RPM speed changes those mechanics directly and translates to the gains you see with a Raptor.

Hitachi Specs,

WD Raptor Specs,

The Hitachi would be quieter than the Raptors.

SATA is slated to hit 6GB/s in 2006 and hopef

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by NZ_Justice In reply to

The response was truncated because I was over the 2000 word limit but you can read the full thing by following the first link.

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by tekrat In reply to Is RAID-0 faster with 720 ...

The drive speed is of little releavence, none of the applications you are mentioning have a lot to do with drive speed. The applications once loaded with the amount of ram you have won't touch the drive unless you are opening and closing extreamley large files. I would recommend adding more ram and turning off virtual memory. I run 1GB ram and a 1.5GB proccessor and average 8 to 10 applications at any one time.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is RAID-0 faster with 720 ...

Well as I don't know the exact hardware in this case there is a general rule of thumb to look at and remember.

The more on board Cache that the HDD has the faster it will appear to operate, so instead of looking at Rotational Speeds look at the actual Cache on the different HDDs and go with the ones with the most Cache.


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by wlbowers In reply to Is RAID-0 faster with 720 ...

10,000 SATA. 150 MB per seconds.

Just because the drive to computer buss has doubled doesn't mean the drive have kept up.

The 10K drives will crap all over the 7,200.


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