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Is really NordVPN the best VPN?

By marcolin45 ·
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Hello everybody,

I'm looking to find a good VPN with fast and STABLE connection.

I've gone through a lot of reviews and I see people are recommending NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

However, I ended up on this Italian review (link removed by moderator ) where it says that NordVPN has 3.000 servers which is good apparently.

Can someone recommend me a good VPN, I just need to strengthen up my online privacy and watch crypted streaming websites?

Thanks a lot.

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what more like and fits

by Ryrirani In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

I have chosen ExpressVPN for myself and so far everyone is happy

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best VPN

by asamits765 In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

It might be best. There are also some other VPNs which are good to go like ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, ProtonVPN, Speedify etc.

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Nord VPN is good or not

by gaurangtiw10 In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

I'm using this VPN service from such a long time and it has served me well and there was sometimes when it didn't work also so it has its pros and cons, you can go for it.

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I'm using it.

by greattuttor In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

I using NordVPN for 2 years now and I am quite happy, server overloads, slow speeds and random disconnects occasionally happens, but I cannot imagine myself paying for Express VPN (I have tried it and I wasn't able to see a big difference, really).

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Why I chose ExpressVPN over Nord?

by markophillipsoffic In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

Hey Marcolin, I am using VPN services for the last four years, so far I have used 3 VPN providers.

I once used PIA (Private Internet Access) which no doubt is excellent as far as privacy is concerned, but it doesn't support Netflix which makes it a bad choice for a streaming lover like me.

After that, I chose Nord to be my anonymous companion and was pretty satisfied with its performance. It offered 3000+ servers and a whole lot of handful features which made my internet surfing anonymous yet fascinating. There was only one issue in my entire journey with Nord; it feels slow, which is a huge setback for an internet freak like me.

Today its been three months since I switched on ExpressVPN, it feels like a completely different experience. It is extraordinarily fast, completely secure, and trustworthy. All thanks to that Reviewsed website:, which made me choose this premium VPN. I was amazed to see they now offer a new technology named “Trusted Servers” which as defined by this blog is;

"In Trusted Server technology, all the typical ways of running servers rely on hard drives will be obsolete from ExpressVPN."
To know more about this technology you can go to above mention link.

So, in short, I recommend ExpressVPN:-).

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Is really NordVPN the best VPN?

by ericasmithes306 In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

May be its good but i used HMA or Zenmate.

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Nord's pretty good

by rajeevsbabu60 In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

Have been using nord for a while. It's pretty good .
Don't know about the 3000 servers.
Haven't used express, so can't help you there.

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by Ghostanswer In reply to Nord's pretty good

I love NordVPN. I tried Private Internet Access before but their online portal is no help when trying to redownload the product. Nord has been super helpful and support has been amazing

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Yep you can go for it

by dermacolindia26 In reply to Is really NordVPN the bes ...

NordVPN is really very great vpn and it is much batter than Hma you can go for it

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by johnsteve6689 In reply to Yep you can go for it

Hello Macrolin45, as you are looking forward to some fastest VPN then I would like to suggest VyprVPN. Find out a lot more about VPNs at . It completely handles its own network which lets the provider to give excellent speeds as we saw in our tests, download speeds were mainly strong, though; results weren't that good for servers in Asia. You won’t have issue finding quick connections, either, since this VPN functions more than 700 servers in over 70 locations.

With its standard safety protocols and 256-bit encryption, you also gain advantage from the VyprDNS service and NAT firewall. One of the more stimulating safety features is the provider’s own Chameleon protocol, which stop deep packet inspection, VPN blocking and controlling.

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