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    Is SaaS without its own datacenter really SaaS?


    by poyato ·


    With the growth in the use of SaaS, several product suppliers have appeared in this Cloud delivery model. However, there are many companies that deliver their SaaS products and still have their own Datacenter. Others already use third-party data centers like AWS or Azure. I don’t know if we can call this SaaS off-premise … Even large companies with consolidated products at some point use third-party data centers, such as SalesForce, which has a large data center worldwide but in some places they use AWS.

    Question: Can we consider SaaS to be a product of a company that outsources the DataCenter? Should we pay attention only to the product’s SLA and stop worrying totally about how PaaS and IaaS are being treated?

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      SaaS without its own data center

      by pooja1588142131 ·

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      Cloud computing and data centers are often considered as mutually exclusive options for the IT infrastructure needs of many organizations, but the reality is that they usually need both. Because when we look at SaaS companies, cloud computing is important for building and delivering their applications, and at the same time for storing the massive amounts of data that their users generate. Therefore, by locating servers with a data center provider, SaaS companies can have the best of both worlds. They can retain the control, security, and visibility that they need over their critical applications and also take advantage of the improving power of cloud computing via data center interconnectivity. By selecting a data center partner that provides high levels of uptime and bandwidth access to leading cloud providers, SaaS companies can build a scalable network. This network can fulfill the requirements of its existing customers and can grow to accommodate future demand.

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        SaaS without its own data center

        by wombat-of-oz ·

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        I’m in agreement with this. By leveraging a reliable and reputable IaaS partner, the SaaS provider can focus on what their core strengths and what they do best. In my view, I doubt if Salesforce would do the same if they start all over again. In my practice, when selecting a SaaS provider, we would look at their SLA, and would put us at ease if we know they are leveraging on AWS or Azure.

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      SaaS without its own datacenter really SaaS

      by deborasumopayroll ·

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      SaaS Cloud Computing and SaaS Data Since SaaS programs are built on a cloud computing model, they’re easily scalable and offer expansive data storage capabilities. … A SaaS provider may deliver services over the internet, but they still need to host their applications and data somewhere.

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