Is SAS a viable career option for non-IT people

Hi all, im currntly into a general profile of a training co-ordinator. I wnt 2 gv myself a domain expertise.. Somethng not so technical SAS as i believe cn b a viable option. Would like 2 knw ur invaluable inputs.. Waiting fr ur replies

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by TnNikeTn In reply to Is SAS a viable career op ...
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SAS produc ts are good to know

by Dr Dij In reply to Is SAS a viable career op ...

However you are unlikely to be able to quickly learn them all.

You can buy the basic SAS stats full package for $60 online and train yourself.

However SAS is a company, not a sofware product. They make many software products and have branched out into DQ and BI, DW.

This is like saying 'is IBM a viable career', it makes no sense.

I'd suggest you research their products and who is hiring for their products.

Or if you think it could benefit your current position get the version for $60 and use it.

Join the iTtoolbox site SAS community and you can see what daily challenges are for SAS users.

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Repeat, Doc

by santeewelding In reply to SAS produc ts are good to ...

You have much to share.

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