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Is security still hot?

By max98037 ·
Is security still a hot industry?

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I hope so

by joelthompson2001 In reply to Is security still hot?

I hope that this market is still viable because I decided to go into this field or at least enhance my Network admin. skills I have taken extra classes at ITT in the wake of 9/11 to help America I hope they are not in vain.

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I think so...

by mlayton In reply to Is security still hot?

...especially with the new requirements in certain sectors, security will be hot for a couple of years to come. And you can always take your understanding of security as a customer and apply it in software development :-) Goodness knows they need all the help they can get!

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Actually its probably the fastest IT field right now..

by TomSal In reply to Is security still hot?

Security is smoking hot right now.

From all accounts it makes perfect sense too, think about it:

+Thanks to improved "easy to use hacking programs" and the now INSANELY popular use of the Internet -- hacking is at an all time high now

+The whole terrorist "mode" we are in since 9/11, people are more conscious of security threats than ever before

+Virus' and worms are getting "smarter" and are doing more and more damage

+Our society is constantly increasing its dependance on technology, and now more than ever on *NETWORK* (aka interconnected systems) technology.

+Wireless is starting to be a hot issue; even folks who barely know how to turn on a computer are aware of what wireless networking is -- or at least know about it. Think of that thought --- people who barely have a clue are setting up wireless networks...can we say "security holes the size of the sun?".

I think that security experts are one of the decreasingly valuable IT pros that will still be in fair to high demand in even the next 5-10 years on a conservative estimate.

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by ThomasRWright In reply to Is security still hot?

You guys have seen all of the reports of hackers getting into bank and government systems, right? Terrorism threats also abound...

I wouldn't say that you will get rich doing network security, but you can certainly have a good career with a good paycheck.

Also, there's the potential allure of a government job - I know, doesn't sound thrilling - lots of potential for a career working with such agencies as the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. - Big business there.

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