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    Is SmartCertify worth it?


    by njdevil11 ·

    I’m currently considering joining SmartCertify for their CCNA program and some Securtiy certifications, as well as Linux. Can anyone tell me if they are a reputable company or share their experience. If negative, would you still recommend it because of the knowledge gained? If you wouldn’t recommend it, would you have an alternate suggestion?

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      Why not take community college courses?

      by max98037 ·

      In reply to Is SmartCertify worth it?

      I got my CCNA training at a local community college. Not only did they prepare me to pass the Cisco test, but I also got real hands on experience and a good deal of attention from my instructor.
      (Not to mention I saved massive bucks!!)

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      by ghstinshll ·

      In reply to Is SmartCertify worth it?

      Are you new to the field? How many years experience do you have? Have you certified in anything before? Are you good at dedicating yourself to a project like a certification?

      If you can answer all of these as Yes, then it will definitely be worth your time. If no to any # of them, then your likelyhood of having it be worthwhile will be less and less depending on how negative your responses are. SmartCertify and many others aren’t an end-all to a career in technology, especially if you’re taking that many certifications in a string like that.

      My guess is that you’re new to technology, have no certifications, and they sold you on the CCNA and other certs to sell you a $55,000 job… It’s not going to work like that if so. If you’re new, start small with A+, Net+, MCP at home over 6 months, then you can think about those.

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