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    Is Software Quality Assurance in demand


    by nagendrasrinivas ·

    Major Corporates always give concern to better quality for the Software Services and Products. But the question is that, is Software Quality Assurance in same demand as Software Development. Can any Professional concentrate entirely on SQA and take it up as a Career as against Software Development???

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      by james r linn ·

      In reply to Is Software Quality Assurance in demand

      The kinds of people you find in SQA are usually great programmers who dont want to be project leads or managers. They tend to be methodical and rigourous(which rules out many programmers). They have to be comfortable with confrontation.

      Good ones are rare. And in demand.

      James(Manager of Quality Assurance)

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        Lazy and Irresponsible Programmers

        by rzan ·

        In reply to Yes

        If programmers took the time to check their work and debug their own junk that they code, then there wouldn’t be a need for SQA. Most programmers are lazy and negligent, and need someone else to check their work. Hey, I wonder if their mommy stillchecks their homework and wipes their ass after they take a dump? An excellent programmer is his/her own SQA tester. Shame but not too many around today, example being of the kind of junk code Microshit produces. I rest my case.

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          Its perspective

          by james r linn ·

          In reply to Lazy and Irresponsible Programmers

          No one should proof their own resume…
          No one should do their own performance review…
          No one should be the final and only tester of what they have written.

          At a minimum some other techie should do system tests and some user type should do user acceptance tests.

          An execellent programmer does their own unit testing and makes sure what they are responsible for works, but not many projects use one programmer – hence someone else needs to take a look.


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