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    Is Sorting Possible in these discussions


    by ros ·

    Is it possible to sort the multiple posts in a discussion by date or by author? If it isn’t – why on earth not?


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      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Is Sorting Possible in these discussions

      Posts are already in ascending date sequence within each discussion ‘branch’.

      Why not? I’ve learned I’m happier if I don’t ask questions that begin with the 25th letter of the English alphabet. Just as a guess, resorting would result in posts being viewed with no reference to the posts being replied to or replies posted to them. This would lead to ‘out of context’ issues, something we already have enough of with the Most Recent, Top Voted, and Take Offline ‘features’.

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        Take Offline

        by boxfiddler ·

        In reply to Negative.

        is driving me up the proverbial wall. Water Cooler filled with single posts seemingly from out of the blue. Ugh.

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          kinda irritating

          by purpleskys ·

          In reply to Take Offline

          i’ve fallen into a couple myself and have just thought “huh?”

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          You’ll notice

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Take Offline

          that most of those ‘offline to WC’ discussions are from one member. (EDITED – okay, the same two members.)

          “Who taught you to take topics offline?”
          “From you, alright? I learned it by watching you!!”
          Parents who take topics offline have children who take topics offline.
          This has been a public service announcement.

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        by dogknees ·

        In reply to Negative.

        If I sort posts by poster then of course the threads would not be consistent. Why would anyone think they would be?

        There are all sorts (pun intended) of reasons to sort lists. For example, I often want to see a specific persons posts, or see if they’ve added any to a discussion. There doesn’t seem to be an efficient way to do this.

        Sorting purely by posted date is also useful to see only the recent posts. These are the sort of options that should appear in ANY list on ANY website.

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          That is sorely missed

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to Disagree

          in light of the lack of that sort of usability in that regard (once managed via My Contacts to large degree) incorporated in the ‘upgrade’.

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          Specific person’s posts.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Disagree

          I use my browser’s ‘Search for text on page’ utility. I’m not saying that method should trump additional sort options, just offering a work-around.

          Either way, there’s still the problem of discussions now slopping over to multiple pages and ‘Take Offlines’.

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