Which antivirus is best?

By Submarine Bird ·
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Hello. This is my first post here but I thought this would be the best place to give an answer to this doubt I have. It's a bit more of a knowledge question than a straight troubleshooting request. I've been experimenting with all kinds of antivirus but I don't know which ones are really effective on keeping any computer safe. Any ideas?

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Best Free Antivirus

by jacksonclark492 In reply to Which antivirus is best?

Since I'm using Windows Defender (Microsoft Antivirus Software) and its really great free antivirus software. Still, I'm using it never got any issue with it.

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by jeanrdevine31 In reply to Which antivirus is best?

I have a laptop with Virusvanish antivirus . Actually Virusvanish is best antivirus for any system

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by computeyourworld In reply to Virusvanish

I have been using avast since last 5 years and its good. I did'nt faced any problem yet !

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avast antivirus problems...

by AronRaynott In reply to Antivirus

i am currently using Avast and i think it is good. but it has slowed down my PC to some extent. what should i do to improve the performance of my PC without deleting anything and without uninstalling Avast?

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Best antivirous

by niunoidauniversity In reply to Which antivirus is best?

i think best antivirous is the macafee .but cost is very high

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it is quite difficult

by jamesandbennie In reply to Which antivirus is best?

it is quite difficult to say which is the best , i think it is just personal preference . different answers . for me , i like 360

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360 Total Security

by Davy49 In reply to it is quite difficult

Hi jamesandbennie,
I totally agree with you, I really feel confident using 360 Total Security..although I don't use the 'full' package, I just use the 360 Total Security Essentials , I don't need or desire to use all of the other offering's that come included with the full install version.

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Which antivirus is best?

by alexstingmaster In reply to Which antivirus is best?

I am using Dr. Web light and it protects my laptop well.

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ISPs & security suites

by mjd420nova In reply to Which antivirus is best?

I have always thought that the ultimate virus protection should be at the ISP level, so the next best thing would be to use the security suite of the ISP you currently use. ATT like MacAfee and Comcast is using Norton. Which ever your ISP provides should provide the best coverage.

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by bnseen992 In reply to Which antivirus is best?
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Best Antivirus for Secuity

by techjockeydigital In reply to Which antivirus is best?

Total security is the best anti-virus solution offered by Quickheal Technologies which secure the PC from almost all external threats. It ensures web security, Malware protection, e-mail security, theft, etc.

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