is still installable?

By elmrbondoc ·
My problem is I have a laptop that is corrupted, . When I was in the middle of reformatting it the DVD-ROM broke down, and now its no longer functional (its not working anymore). And its now more corrupted than ever. Is there any means that I can reformat it from another computer thru LAN? Is it by telnet? How? It is since I dont have the money yet to pay to have its DVD-ROM replaced... the last OS I installed on it was XP-SP3, its model was toshiba sattelite

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If you have a second system

by w2ktechman In reply to is still installable?

you can try one of these

Slave the notebook HDD and add the contents of the CD/DVD to the HDD, replace the drive and run the install.

over a network connection it can be installed. However you would need a boot disk with network ability (floppy drive -- USB should work).

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Would you not have to go into the command line to do the install?.

If you slave the notebook hdd and then replace, you will need to go into the command prompt window to activate the run command.
Just a thought. :)

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If you have a Big Enough Thumb Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to is still installable?

You can copy the XP install Media to the Thumb Drive and boot off that.

Just remember that you need to copy it directly to the Thumb Drive not into a Folder and you'll need to change the BIOS to enable booting off a USB Device.

Once you have done this all that should be required is to Boot the System with the USB Thumb Drive in the Computer and then depending on how far it got you it may go straight into the Windows Install or you may be require to Press a Key on the Keyboard when you see the Pres Any Key to Boot off CD message on the screen.


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by elmrbondoc In reply to If you have a Big Enough ...

how to install a BIOS? Can I still install a BIOS to a corrupted computer? Because mine would start up but will will try to find the setup.exe file. And since it cannot then after maybe a minute or two it will reboot again. And that process goes on and on..... What should I do?

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BIOS is the primary OS on every computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to BIOS

This stores the Hardware and Settings of the system. When you start the Computer you see a POST Screen which is a Power On Self Test. Depending on the BIOS Type you need to press one of the following keys Delete, F2 or F10 to enter BIOS.

Some systems have a splash Screen with the Makers Name & Logo or the M'Board Makers Name and Logo that covers the POST Screen but the directions for entering Setup are still shown on this screen.

You do not load BIOS but enter it by pressing one of the listed keys above.

Once you are in the BIOS you need to change the Boot Order to USB then HDD and then Save the Changes when you exit BIOS.

You will be asked by the computer do you want to save the changes you have made and you need to press either the Y or N Key Y to accept saving the changes and N to not save the changes.


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RE: its model was toshiba sattelite

by Jacky Howe In reply to is still installable?

What is the Model Number as we could be dealing with a Sata Drive.<br>

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Follow these instructions

by Jacky Howe In reply to RE: its model was toshiba ...

and I am hoping that you have access to an XP CD as a Recovery CD from Toshiba will not work.
Installing Windows XP from USB
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