Is System Identification over PPPoE possible?

By sk0410 ·
My brother was using Internet on Cat 5 LAN from an ISP who was using MAC binding to restrict access only from his laptop computer, but using the change MAC address option of WAN port in wifi routers, I was able to access the internet simultaneously with my brother over wifi, or the router lan ports. But recently the ISP had upgraded his server, after which, only my brothers laptop can access internet. But when I try to connect to the internet using the wifi router with the changed mac id, it successfully logs into the ppoe connection but on opening the browser i am redirected to the ISP software login page with no access to the internet. The same is true even if i try to connect by changing my lan adapters mac id to that of my brothers', and dialing into pppoe. Now only my brothers laptop can dial with pppoe and access internet, while when using my pc or thru the router i am taken to the isp software login page on successful authentication by the pppoe client.

I would like to know

(1) How does the isp identify the connected computer to be different even after changing mac id? (IP address is supplied to system by isp server over DHCP)

(2) How is it possible to circumvent this situation so that we are able to simultaneously access internet like before using the wifi router?

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