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Is Systems Administrator a Manager?

By kd ·
Should a Systems Administrator be treated as a Manager in the absence of an IT Manager? Basically the Systems Administrator does everything in the IT Dept and report to the Finance Director.
Is the above Systems Administrator at the same level as an Accountant, Salaries Administrator or Human Resources Officer?

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Depends on the size of the organization

by SkipperUSN In reply to Is Systems Administrator ...

Depends on the size of the organization - If the system adminsitrator does everything in IT and reports to an executive officer - then his level is equal to others that are reporting to the same executive officer.

IE - VP ... Sr VP... Director..

Are you interested in a position with that structure and wondering about the pay?

I would say - it depends on the organization - size and function (Education, Manufacturing)... If you are acting in the capacity as the IT Manager then you should be compasated at that level..

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Sometimes dual role as management and techie

by stress junkie In reply to Is Systems Administrator ...

As SkipperUSN says the answer depends on the situation. I agree with the entire argument presented by him. I will add some points of my own to augment his post.

I would say that in general, most of the time, in most situations, given a typical corporate structure, with ordinary expectations in play, ... etc., the system administrator is NOT a manager. Notice I use the term 'system administrator'. I used to use the term 'system manager', which was popular among the DEC VMS community. However it can lead to a misunderstanding of the role played by the person in that job. The system administrator is a techie. Period. I have always told end users that I don't make policy; I just implement it. I recommend policies to managers but it is their call and their responsibility whether to implement the policy or not. In many situations an IT manager will give rubber stamp approval to any idea that a system administrator makes without prior consultation. This can give the system administrator, and everyone else, the incorrect perception that s/he makes the policy decisions. No. Policy decisions are the responsibility of actual managers, not techies.

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