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Is tech republic's user base being watered down?

By jtakiwi ·
Hi all,

Not to be derogatory, but I've been using TR for maybe 6 years off and on. Definately more off than on over the past couple of years. Am I wrong in my perception that the majority of technical questions posted here are less than challenging? I mean, have any of you asking these quite simple questions ever heard of Google? A few years ago, folks didn't even ask simple questions like the one I saw today, from an "IT Department Manager", about how do I start the print spooler? Just wondering is all, i may have missed a memo somewhere. Did all the talent head off to Experts Exchange or TR's paid service? Thanks, just curious.

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In a way

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Is tech republic's user b ...

There seems to have been a rise in newbies. This is not necessarily a bad thing though.
Certainly TR or their sponsors won't think it is.
I tend to only do the coding and design questions being miserably out of date on admin and hardware, levels on my side of the partition don't seem to have changed.

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Good to know

by jtakiwi In reply to In a way

The two areas you mention are places I just tend to stay away from. I've got nothing against newbies, I was one once myself, but I just expect folks to dig a little on their own before pulling the fire alarm.

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It may be that TR is simply more visible google wise

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Good to know

I've googled a few times and ended up with a 'sort of' related link coming here.
TR looks much better from a newbie point of view because you don't have to register to see an answer, unlike some I could mention!

There's a knack to narrowing down on google as well, without it you end up with all sorts of misleading drivel.

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can we bribe google to make us invisible to India?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to It may be that TR is simp ...

Hey, if they can censor stuff in China....

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The whole World has changed...

by dawgit In reply to Is tech republic's user b ...

Just in case you haven't noticed. It's the new "IT" most of which isn't. (as in what used to be Sectutaries, Book-keepers, Clerks, etc. They all have 'puters now, and are "IT") Most of these new kids don't even have to study Math. Sad realy. -d

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Maybe I am sheltered

by jtakiwi In reply to The whole World has chang ...

Fortunately, I work with skilled individuals most of the time when tackling IT projects or problems, so I don't encounter the odd secretary turned IT director too often. I do encounter the skilled BS'er on occasion (I am related to one extreme example by marriage) who espouse their IT prowess to whoever is unfortuate enough to be within shouting distance (at least he was buying at the time)

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Then you haven't heard...

by dawgit In reply to Maybe I am sheltered

"Operating System? Oh- You mean windows, Of course it's windows, it's a computer isn't it?" Silly me. (I've actually had that said to me. And there was the penquin siting right on the screen too.) -d

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Or as someone asked me

by Neil Higgins In reply to Then you haven't heard...

when they saw my Ubuntu sticker on my office pc."Have a nice time did you?"

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TR eliminated

by Dr Dij In reply to Is tech republic's user b ...

storing of questions by topic, which sites like still do.

So once it scrolls off the screen less likely to be answered and users go somewhere else to get answers.

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good point... <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to TR eliminated

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