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Is Technology Stagnating

By JasonJD48 ·
Technology has reached some amazing feats in the last 35 years but I began to wonder after reading a few blogs and news articles if with all of our innovations we really arn't just tweeking the same thing, in other words, has technology become stagnant.

Examples include

Chip architecture - x86 still the mainstay for decades

OS - Choice between Windows (with beginnings in DOS, and OS/2 decades ago) vs. Unix and its offshoots Linux and OS X.

Sure a new Windows is great, and a faster x86 processor is nice but is it time to start over and look at technology without preconceptions and actually create something new from scratch, or is there no reason to re-invent the wheel.

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Waiting for the revolution.

by seanferd In reply to Is Technology Stagnating

I think you'll find that things will change drastically, yet stay the same in some respects. When hardware changes enough, and it will, the OS will change as well, and so will the UI.

Watch pure and applied science research, and you'll see emerging technologies racetrack memory/storage, solid-state quantum computing, etc. Don't look only at vendors for the future of technology.

But yes, in some sense technology marches in place as far as products go. There have been radical changes in technology that lend themselves to the status quo - better and faster, but "contemporary" hardware is the result. (Look at the history or hard drives, for example.)

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I would rather that you had used

by santeewelding In reply to Waiting for the revolutio ...

"Contemptlatory", which spellcheck does not yet recognize.

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I use

by seanferd In reply to I would rather that you h ...

my contemplatory hardware all the time.

As you most definitely do. :-bd

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Paradigm shifts don't just happen

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Is Technology Stagnating

Basically all the people who believe or simply require the old one, have to die, before the new one get's embedded. This sort of chnage is at a fundmamental level, lets face it windows with rounded corners, or true-colour, even resolution meant all sort of twiddling for those who wanted to bridge the gap between one 'tech' and the next.
So not it isn't stagnating, it's simply that for every step change in a technology, you need to implement a ramp, or a lift, even a catapult ( ), and that slows acceptance of the new tech.

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