is Techrepublic selling our information or were they hacked?

By techrepublic ·
I recently started receiving spam messages to an email address that is only used on the techrepublic website. it has never been given to any other site, and I have never agreed to marketing messages, or agreed to have my information given to anyone else. so this begs the question - has someone hacked/stolen the techrepublic (CBS Interactive) mailing list, has my information been sold on without my consent, or can anyone think of a third option. I have raised a support case with CBS Interactive (you REALLY don't make it easy to find out how to complain guys!), but they simply sent me a link to their privacy policy. when I replied stating that wasn't good enough, they then asked what the actual problem was and could they have a copy of the email (I pasted the headers and message into the complaint!)

I wonder how many others have been receiving spam messages to techrepublic addresses. surely I can't be the only one?

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