is the cyber forensics certificates carry any weight??

By Hardik shah ·
Hi, I am Hardik Shah. I am doing BCA and side-by-side i am planning to do any security course and someone told me to do the cyber forensics course. will it carry any weight or it is of no use? please reply.....( site carries some certifications please tell me is it legal i mean to say will it carry some weight and please tell me the other certifications which is available.....

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The Question

by santeewelding In reply to is the cyber forensics ce ...

Which you and your young ilk all over this world appear to miss, is, what weight do you carry?

Soon as you stop externalizing it, will be as soon as you get somewhere.



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which certificate carries weight in the field of computer security?

by Hardik shah In reply to The Question

I mean to say that if i m doing the course like Computer Forensics Professional will it carry any weight? can u tell me any other certifications related to security.

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Everything carries weight of its own

by NexS In reply to which certificate carries ...

If you're unhappy with your course, or think you do do not want to take up a career in the direction you are being pointed, then change. Simple as that.

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by santeewelding In reply to which certificate carries ...
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You mean, accreditation?

by seanferd In reply to is the cyber forensics ce ...

Since they are based in the University of Pune Science and Technology Park, I would check with the U of P, or the Scitech Park, or your state or federal government to find out: A) Who accredits such schools, and B) Is Data64 accredited.

As to the reputation of this certification in the industry, only IT security consumers and established trade groups can say. It may be too new a certification to carry much weight, or such certification may be in high demand. Customers in your part of the world are the most likely to have already formed an opinion as to the quality of the certification from any particular training provider offering courses there.

Finally, if it is a good course of study, and you learn what you need to embark on a career in the study and practice of some type of IT security, well, this is what you are really after, anyway. And you at least have a cert that says you completed a course of study.

These are three related, but different, things. They don't always come in the same package.

Note that there are other educational facilities which offer similar courses of study, both India and elsewhere.

In fact, download and play with this:
for which courses are also offered.

The corporate sponsor of Backtrack does training :

So, such a thing is not unusual, if you are asking. There seem to be several other training providers in Pune along with Data64.

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by santeewelding In reply to You mean, accreditation?


Sophisticated, but, an enabler, still.

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