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Is the dumb terminal back with Office 2010

By cybdiver ·
Remember the old green screen terminals? All your programs came from a server some where in the building and nothing worked not even you when the server went down.
Now imagine trying to run your business and the internet connection goes out, what will you do? What will your staff do?
For those in the industry maybe you remember Cisco's push a few years back to run apps from a terminal server? Again we defeat the purpose of having a PC (Personal Computer), a Laptop a/k/a Traveling PC.
Very simply if office is on the internet and I'm not now what? At least with a local copy of Office and my files I can work now and sync later.
Finally I ask do you really want Microsoft to have a copy of your files? I believe that this online business viloates the Sarbanes Oxley law for medical record security. If you have a case with your lawyer, would you use a lawyer that keeps your case online? with Microsoft? what if you are suing MS?

I have not found any upside to this senario of letting someone else hold my files, my business and my life.
The only ones this looks good for is Microsoft and their ability to prevent pirated copies of office.

Is it time to switch to "Open Office"?
Lets try this, I'll hold your wallet when you want money you call me. If I am available I'll let you have access to it, but only if you have paid your monthly bill. Now if you take the free wallet I will waste precious moments of your life with advertisting that will prevent you from comleting what ever it was you are working on to make money to pay the bills from all the unneccessary stuff you bought that was advertised to you.

Is Microsoft your drug dealer? Get a little for free then pay once your hooked? or can you break the habit?

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