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    Is the iPhone sync secure?

    by aholebob ·


    When I sync my phone to my computer, are there traces of personal data (not MAC addresses but something the user put on the phone) left on the Hard Drive or is it all sent directly to the backup folder?

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      What is your defination of SECURE?

      by the master2 ·

      In reply to Is the iPhone sync secure?

      Also what are you actually doing here and where are you saving this Data to you’ll have to forgive me as I’m not a Rancid Fruit Person just a Security Specalist so I do not know what Apple actually doeswith the lower OS’s that they use. Sure BSD is great but a iPhone isn’t a Computer just a low powered make believe computer and while it has more processing power than the computer that took man to the moon by todays standards is’s not in the game when compared to real computers that most people have.

      So with what oyu have asked with the advice given anything written to a Hard Drive be that a Mechanical or Solid State Drive which is what is in the iPhone doesn’t get fully deleted when you errase it just the bits of where it is located and it’s size gets trashed but the actualy data remains and eventually gets overwrittne as time goes on and the drive fills up so anything taken from the phone and sent through the computer leaves traces but you’ll need specalised software to even see it let alone read it.

      So if you think storring this data in a backup file somewhere in the cloud to stop the Police or Spy Agiences will be effective no it will not these Authorities will be able to at the very least see the movement and most likely where it was sent as well as any encryption used.

      However if all you want is the wife to be unable to read what was on the phone then most likely yes it will be fairly secure unless of course the wife is working as a IT Security Specalist in one of the Spy Agencies.

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      As asked. You need to define this.

      by rproffitt ·

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      But let’s say I sync my iPhone with iTunes. And the cloud sync would still take the name and password so is that good enough?

      “Yes, there is 3rd party software that allows one to download and comb through either iTunes or iCloud backups. The apps are useless however, without the correct Apple ID and password or access to your Mac/PC where an iTunes backup is stored.”

      There are some that want to get rid of all backups, so for the iPhone, well, you would not want an iPhone or almost any Android phone. Maybe some flip phone and make it a burner to get “secure”?

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      Re: secure

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Is the iPhone sync secure?

      Assuming you use a program (could be iTunes, but another program also) to copy something to an external hard drive on your PC or the cloud, it depends on the program if it’s buffers a file it read on the hard disk of your PC or not. Some programs might do it, others might not.

      It’s easy to find out by having a look at Resource Monitor (if your PC runs Windows) to check if anything is written to/read from the hard disk while you that sync. Can you tell what you find?

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