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Is the IT job market on the upswing?

By jmottl ·
Hi TechRepublic members,
I'm checking in to get feedback on what techs are seeing in the marketplace in terms of jobs -- are there more opportunities, is your company hiring....
thanks for your insight,
Judy Mottl
Senior Editor

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In the Greater Toronto Area, yes

by JamesRL In reply to Is the IT job market on t ...

I have kept in touch with a number of people in my network of friends and acquaintences who were unemployed and have been hired in the last few months.

From the networking meetings I went to(HAPPEN at, I did notice that the upswing in IT lagged the upswing in other areas by 4-6 months.


James Linn

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It's been on the upswing

by maxwell edison In reply to Is the IT job market on t ...

The job market has indeed been on the upswing for some time now.

Here's an interesting thing to do. Whenever anyone "complains" about a depressed job market, ask him or her if THEY have a job. The answer will, most likely, be yes. Then ask them if they PERSONALLY know anybody who can't find a job, and they will, most likely, say no, not personally. It's almost always hearsay and/or what they heard on the news. It makes you wonder.

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Not Exactly

by dbertsche In reply to It's been on the upswing

Although I think it's on the upswing it's not booming. A friend of mine was let go from an IT job 2 1/2 years ago and has moved on to something else. He's been out of the IT field so long now that he doesn't think he would ever be able to get back into it, you know rusty skills. Unfortunatley what he moved on to does not pay as well so yes he has a job but it's not in IT and his standard of living has suffered.

I'm sure that would be the case for at least some percentage of IT folks.

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Dot net programming jobs...

by onbliss In reply to Is the IT job market on t ...

are on the upswing....

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Market is healthy but not vibrant.

by DC_GUY In reply to Is the IT job market on t ...

The company I work for is hiring. The people I keep in touch with are all employed. IT consulting is a bust, consultants are scrambling to find salaried jobs. Some have made great sacrifices for the sake of a paycheck, such as working thousands of miles away and only seeing their family during vacations. Salaries are down. Many of us feel lucky to be making what we were making fifteen years ago.

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It still sucks!

by pgm554 In reply to Market is healthy but not ...

SW PA has never really had a recovery (even during the late 90's and beginning of 2000) when the unemployment rate was at or below 4% for the rest of the country.So don't go there.

SF Bay area is lagging behind everybody in CA (5200 jobs created for the entire state this month).So don't come here.

I have a consulting gig 2 days a week and would like to work 5,so I am underemployed.

When it is good ,headhunters are calling;when it is bad ,they aren't.And they ain't callin'.

So ,from my perspective,it ain't happenin'.

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You're close to D.C., check it out

by DC_GUY In reply to It still sucks!

Try your luck closer to the Capitol. That's where all the money radiates from. Even during the Great Depression, the unemployment rate in D.C. and its suburbs was much lower than the national average.

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Become a beltway bandit?

by pgm554 In reply to You're close to D.C., che ...

I have given it some thought and DC has always been a maybe.

I've gone there for training and conventions a great number of times and had thought, maybe.

But then again ,the beltway has got to be one of the most obnoxious commutes in the US(and I've done some of the worst(San Jose/San Francisco,LA/OrangeCounty, Atlanta,Chicago,Philadelphia).I do have to say, I have seen no worse of a commute than the beltway between 2:30 pm to 7:00pm.

I don't see how people can do it everyday.

Factoring in 2 hour commutes makes it a less appealing place to work.

But then again the government DOES have deep pockets.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to Is the IT job market on t ...

I believe the IT sector has been in an upswing for the past 6 months here in S Wisconsin. I have been contacted by head hunters at least once or twice a week.
There is still a consulting 'firm' bust (too many players and not enough clientele) but full time employment or contractual positions seem relatively obtainable.

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