Is the laptop faulty ?

By jayevans_uk ·
I have a HP nx6020 laptop which was showing signs of hard disk failure, so I bought another to install.

However, after installation, the hard drive refuses to boot, I get a quick message flashing up on the screen saying Media Test Failure - Check Cable. This comes up even after after I removed the drive. When I try to boot from CD to run setup it says there is no hard drive installed.

I know the drive is correctly installed as I'm using the correct adapter to fit it inside and it fits snugly and securely.

I have tried other drives (though they're older ones) - with the same result.

I can't see how a laptop which worked fine (despite the unreliable hard drive) has now become a laptop which won't accept a brand new hard drive.

Can you give me any advice ?


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Is This, by any chance, a Thinkpad? <NT>

by Kenone In reply to Is the laptop faulty ?
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Delete This ^

by Kenone In reply to Is This, by any chance, a ...

Turns out that I can't read.

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Adapter? BIOS Setup

by TheChas In reply to Is the laptop faulty ?

The term adapter has me concerned. If you are trying to use a SATA drive in a system designed for an IDE drive or the other way around, I don't think that works for laptops.

Next, if this is a SATA system is it SATA 1 or SATA 2? if SATA 1, you may need to install the jumper so a SATA 2 drive runs at the slower speed of SATA 1.

Finally, have you entered BIOS setup to make sure the new drive is being detected?

You may need to enter BIOS setup and detect the new drive before you can use it.

PS: Thought of one more. Which OS are you installing? If Windows XP with a SATA drive, you may need to "slip-stream" the SATA driver onto an image of the XP CD in order to be able to load the driver.


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Try getting the SATA driver...

by Monty Palmer In reply to Adapter? BIOS Setup

If the drive is not showing up during installation, it is likely missing the SATA drivers. Download them onto a floppy or USB, and right at the beginning of install hit F6 when prompted. Then during installation you will be prompted to navigate to the drivers.

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A couple of things to look at here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is the laptop faulty ?

As this model isn't showing on the HP Web Site I'm not sure what's in it but if this is a IDE Drive you need to set it to Master not CS Cable Select.

As for the Adapter I think you mean a Plastic Off Set piece which moves the Header Strip on the M'Board to line up with the Header Strip on the HDD. you need to make sure that none of the Pins on the M'Board have been bent when this piece was removed from the M'Board Header Strip.

If the M'Board header strip is OK then the obvious thing is that the M'Board has taken a Static Hit when you removed the HDD or that in the event of the old HDD being OK the HDD Controller on the M'Board which was previously failing has now failed completely.


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Is this laptop faulty ?

by jayevans_uk In reply to A couple of things to loo ...


Thank you so much for your reply.

It is an older model (it's a nx9020 in case I mistakenly said it was a 6020!) but I checked before buying the new HDD that it needed IDE. I didn't check the new drive for master/cable select as I've never had to do that for a brand new drive. The other drives I tested were previously used in laptops so should be set correctly I believe. I've just looked on one of the drives and one of them mentioned master/slave but I can't see how to set it (I've only ever done this on 3.5" PC hard drives which come with those little "jumpers").

The adapter I refer to is a slim light metal frame into which the drive screws at one end it covers the hard drive connector to make it "line up" with the connector inside which I can clearly see looks very different to the original pins - which are fine (I've had slightly bent pins in the past - can they be straightened ?)I am confident the pins are fine as the drive fits snugly into the "adapter" and the "adapter" fits snugly into the laptop.

The error message comes up so quickly after power on that I can't seem to get into the BIOS as the message is gone before I get a chance to see which key to press.

I do hope the mainboard isn't faulty - but if the master/slave settings are OK (I need to check) and in the absence of anything else as the cause I guess I have to draw that conclusion.


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cable problem?

by yovev In reply to Is this laptop faulty ?

Perhaps it may be much simpler than you think. You say that more than one hard drive are tried but none of them is recognized? In case you are using IDE disks there can't be problem with instalation disk not finding it due to a driver issue. Therefore make sure BIOS finds the disk. If it does, try different instalation media. If BIOS does not finds the drive, change the IDE cable with a new one or even better - one tested and working on another machine. If this doesn't solves the problem I think it is going to the motherboard.
Now that I think... you say it is an old one laptop. Maybe its BIOS can't operate with the new drive and may need BIOS update?

Hope you find a solution!

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Laptop faulty ?

by jayevans_uk In reply to cable problem?


With regards to the IDE cable, I wouldn't know how to access and change the IDE cable on a desktop PC but have no idea where it would be on a laptop. Presumably it'd mean opening up the laptop - I'm not sure if I feel conident enough to do that.

The BIOS doesn't see the drive. Although I've never does a BIOS update - I see one available on the HP website for this model which I can download but what would I do with it (if you can help) ?

One question springs to mind, can the laptop boot up and run Windows XP Pro from a USB connected external drive ?

The brand new drive is currently being used inside another laptop which had a flaky hard drive, so the drive is fine.


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Just a quick thought here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is this laptop faulty ?

Some NB's require the Jumper to be removed and some want it fitted. It all depends on the NB Maker and the HDD Maker here. But with any new drive there should be a jumper shorting 2 of the pins that do not get plugged into the adapter.

Don't worry about IDE Cables as in NB's there are not any. The IDE Drive plugs directly into the M'Board and that is the connector from the M'Board tot he Drive itself. Not a cable as such but the manner that the drive connects to the M'Board. Some NB's have a short cable to do the same thing as this adapter that you have but here it just depends on the NB itself.

If you look at the Sticker on the HDD it says what the Jumper is and where it should be set. Depending on who made the HDD it may have come with a jumper stuck on the outside of Thar AntiStatic Bag or fitted tot he HDD itself. I've bought 2.5 Inch drives with the supplied jumper in both positions meaning not on the drive itself but on the bag and then others come with it on the drive.

When you plug the Drive into the Adapter there are 6 pins which do not actually plug in and these are the ones used for the Jumper.


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ofcourse :)

by yovev In reply to Just a quick thought here

I agree about the absense of any ide cables in the laptop.
As for the BIOS update, manufacturers offer as simple as possible instructions on how to do that but DO NOT do that unless 110% sure this will solve your problem (and if doing so, make sure the battery is OK. if not - connecting a UPS would keep you safe from power failiures in the middle of an BIOS update )!
Since BIOS does not see the drive the jumper is out of the list of possible causes for the problem. Therefore two options are left:
1. IDE connection;
2. BIOS cant recognize the hard drive.

In my opinion the second option has no chance to be the reason.

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