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By zczc2311 ·
Is the Corporate Office an extension of the Home PC.

I think the answer is NOT. I do not live in the US currently and I am not saying anything bad here, its just my observations living in a different land and seeing how security is enforced for company protection and TCO is reduced not holding personal files/email and the resources required to permit them.

He in a Corporate environment the work place is NOT a continuation of the home PC.

1. Personal E-mail?s are NOT permitted and monitored and people are dismissed for sending/receiving personal emails.
2. ALL email account are company email accounts required for business.
3. 90% of staff does NOT have free browsing right on the internet. You only have internet browsing rights to perform your job specification and NO one is exempt.
4. NO games are permitted, you are paid to work.
5. Only restricted personnel have access to group Broadcast Emails. ? DO you suffer from office SPAM.
6. NO one is permitted to install their own software and most all users are Limited User Access. ? There is only the need for limited company help desk support as people cannot stuff up their own PC?s
7. Access time to the company LAN/WAN is restricted by hours. Staff only have access to the company LAN/WAN for their particular job specifications.
8. Desktop FAX is restricted to your job specification.
9. Remote access is only permitted via secure VPN tunnels.
10. Only a handful of staff can access the company LAN/WAN from a home.
11. IT Administrators position are Management Position
12. NO one but NO one is allowed to take software home or make a copy only in the instance of having a backup media should the original fail and software/hardware is secure.

Result ? There really is productivity, using the companies HI Tech and HI cost LAN/WAN infrastructure and maintenance. With the infrastructure and the wonderful software tools available people can do their job efficiently, without needless distraction and people set about doing what they have to do and by and large everyone is happy and understands why they come to work and are respected.

Have these people got it right?

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I concur

by Oz_Media In reply to IS THE OFFICE AN EXTENSIO ...

First of all, the comments posted about PC use are pretty extreme in some cases (tight ship), others are just legalities being covered, but they all have a place.

I think the office PC is the Office PC, it's usage and policies reply on the company, the importance of the network data, the company size, the ISP etc.

But it all looks about right to me.

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by jbaker In reply to I concur

I agree, but I also realize that in the real world, most companies in the US are not going to go to such measures. The users seem to all feel that they have the right to play games, surf the net, and use the company email for personal communications.

As long as the users also realize that we have logs of every website they visit, everything they download, and every email that they send and receive. And, in the event of action taken against them, those logs could be used against them.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

I haev worked as an admin for MANY companies who refuse to enforce or even write a policy as they feel it would be too tough on employees. TH ereply is often, my employees work hard enough, if they need an break for chat or a game to keep them going, let them have it.

My last employer had me set up remote games of Ghost Recon on the company server and have friends and neighbouring businesses log in to play several hours a day.

But in SOME companies, it seem moreso in teh US than in BC anyway, there are all these usage policies and procedures in place, even THEN people come here complaining that thier email at work is being intercepted by the boss and that's a breach of thier freedoms etc.

What a crock, the company's equipment is THIERS, 100%. What they choose to do with ANY keystroke you pump into thier equipment is 100% THIER business too. Even if it means reading all your email, it is NOT YOUR property it's thiers. With this being common knowledge for most people, usage is not really an issue I run into all that often at all.

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Yes, because the office is an extension of home


The vast majority of Americans spend more waking hours in their places of work than anywhere else, including home.

You stupid dinosaur managers who don't have a clue how to manage people unless you can watch them, YOU are the reason that we can't work at home, YOU are the reason that we have to spend hours and hours stuck in traffic, YOU are the reason we hardly get to see our children, YOU are the reason we have to spend $400,000 to buy a frelling townhouse in a noisy, crowded, smoggy suburb within driving distance of your office building, YOU are the reason our lives are so depressed.

So cut us some slack. YOU force us to work here in this miserable environment, so YOU can frelling well let us use a tiny bit of your resources to make us feel like we actually have a LIFE!

If you don't like it, then let us work AT HOME! We all have computers and telephones there, so there's absolutely no reason 99 percent of us couldn't do our jobs there except that YOU ARE TOO STUPID to manage that type of workforce.

Or is it that the auto and energy companies really run this country? The wildly successful telecommuting experiments of the early 1990s vanished so quietly, you'd almost think it was a conspiracy. One day we were working at home, in a great mood, well rested, car sitting in the garage with a cold engine and a two-week-old full tank of gas, cat in lap. The next day the world's shortest e-mail arrived: As of [date] telecommuting will no longer be practiced at [this company].

For this our children are dying in Iraq?

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Save for the last line, I agree

by jmgarvin In reply to Yes, because the office i ...

Telecommuting (esp for Net/sys admins) makes perfect sense!

Not only does it save on gas, it can increase productivity if it is done properly! The nicest thing about it is that your employee will gladly pay for their own computer and connection just to work at home!!!

The worst part is that most employers don't understand the benfits of telecommuting and refuse to see that it is a GOOD thing for the business!!!

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The last line...

by DC_GUY In reply to Save for the last line, I ...

Government propaganda notwithstanding (and it's not as well crafted and believable as it used to be), the only reason we have any military interest in the Middle East is so that the auto industry and the energy industry can keep getting rich by providing us with the vehicles and fuel to "go to work."

And that's why telecommuting is never mentioned in public discourse.

Nobody in our government really cares about democracy and women's rights in Muslim countries.

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Well I did talk about AU policy

by zczc2311 In reply to Yes, because the office i ...

As far as AU is concerned every employee gets 4 weeks annual leave each year after the first year and shift workers get 5.

Everyone has the right to have access to the anti-discrimination board on wrongful dismissal.

You just cannot lay of staff without just cause and you an always challenge it via the wrongful dismissal laws.

Most government staff have the opportunity of working flexi hours. as long as they work 8 hours get the job done the can work whatever hors they want.

Female staff get paid materiality leave and spouses can also.

You cannot discriminate in any way shape or form against employment opportunity on sexual preference and this includes the armed forces.

And on holiday you are entitled to 15% on to of your normal wage

If you are a shift work you get paid time and a half for working a Saturday and double time for Sunday.

If you start work before 0:700 you are entitled to extra leave loading

If you start work after 8:pm you get extra leave loading.

So at work people work and that is a rightful expectation I think given the above.

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

by ATXStranger In reply to IS THE OFFICE AN EXTENSIO ...

Ok, so since there are a lot of garbage points in the list I will address them individually:

1. What's wrong with a few personal emails? From my experience in my office, the use of work email for personal matters has taken the place of personal phone calls. Since emails tend to be short, more time flexible and easier to work around than phone calls, it is possible producitivity has actually increased by allowing employees to use their work email for personal purposes. Yes you are going to have some bad apples who take advantage of the situation. That is why you fire them and replace them with people who won't take advantage of it. The way to a better workplace is not necessarily draconian policies, but people who will appreciate an understanding management team.

2. Make sure your employees know that the email is monitored and that the business owns the email. This is called communication and some management teams need to work on it. Employees tend to be very understanding of a well worded and clear policy and most aren't going to be doing anything so bad that they won't mind the company seeing emails to their spouse/family/friends. Also, make sure you educate employees about how to delete emails. If they are using email for personal reasons and don't want something they said to their spouse/family/friends used later, delete the emails when finished. Its not that hard to do, and most employees do have some aptitude for learning new skills (at least one would think so or why did you bother hiring them?)

3. Restricted broswing to the internet for 90% of your employees? Do 90% of your employees have access to all the information they need right on your corporate network? Do 90% of your employees have no desire to improve their skills or learn what other companies are doing? Or does 10% of your workforce worry about losing their jobs to the other 90% who may actually want career advancement or to improve the company they work for. Yes there are a million ways to waste your day on the Internet, but there are also a million ways to make your employees happier and another million to help make your company better. If you have employees wasting time, then fire them with people who can have access to the internet and still get their job done.

4. Yes we are paid to work, we also work more than 40 hours a week which we are not routinely paid for, straight time or overtime. Some people are on call at any time, no extra compensation and no consideration just part of the job. Playing the occasional game, especially if its on your lunch hours, isn't so bad and would probably help the mood in the office.

5. Yes I suffer from office spam. I get things that I don't care to see that are sent to everyone. Sometimes I get things that are truly funny. Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and delete. But it beats reading the litany of other emails I get and seems to make people think they are respected members of the company. Oh well, maybe that isn't important to all companies.

6. If you have a responsive IT team, most employees don't want to install their own software, they'd rather someone do it for them. If its software they need to do their job, shouldn't there be some way for them to get the installation approved? I mean, that seems to make sense to me, you seem to want the employees to be productive...

7. Huh? You mean employees are going to the hassle of logging into the LAN/WAN for something other than work? I thought that was what my network ID and password were for, to work. I thought employees having access to the areas they need to perform their jobs was a good idea? Maybe I missed an internal memo or something.

8. Well this seems like a good idea. I mean what employee would want to receive someone else's faxes? They have games and Internet surfing to get to right?

9. To bring back some 80s parlance "no duh"

10. Why only a handful? Can't all your employees benefit from being able to work from home on an occasional and/or regular basis? I mean I'm sure it would cut into their game playing and personal email time but maybe it would help them catch their kids' soccer game or not mind so much they have to come in on a Saturday to meet a deadline.

11. This comment is so vague as both "IT Administrators" and "Management position" have differing meanings that no useful conclusions can be drawn here.

12. Isn't creating backups really an IT job and not a user's job? Plus some software come with the availability for home use for employees of the company. But then again, having the software they need to do their job at home would only interfere with their time-wasting activities while in the office, right?

Result - Needless distraction? Have you ever just sat around and watched an office? Copiers and faxes going of, people walking around and chatting with everyone. Distractions are everyone, especially in an office. Maybe the distractions cuts into productivity a bit in terms of "dead time". But then again, happy employees are more productive anyway.

Some people do want to just come to work and go home but for others its a part of their social setup. They meet people who they like, who the consider friends and whom the respect. Work isn't just about spitting out 8 hours of code, or widgets or TPS reports.

For most people work is a source of pride in their life. They like what they do and would like to say they like their employers. Policies like these make employees less prideful in the workplace. When I talk to people who work in places with policies like yours, I comment on how much I like where I work because I have an employer who respects me and trusts me to do my job. They know I get my work done and don't worry if I take a few minutes to write a person email or a long post here. They care that I get my assigned tasks completed in a way that improves the company and servers our clients. And to my employers that is what counts and therefore we don't need those sorts of policies.

I think you're management team has got it wrong and they are going to have such a churn of unhappy employees that they are putting the company at risk. And I would think keeping the company afloat and profitable was the goal of a management team.

But then again...maybe I missed the point...

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by The Admiral In reply to IS THE OFFICE AN EXTENSIO ...

I can give you that it is producive, no doubt. For who?

I think the burdon is on the IT infastructure team to chase all of the rats around, rather than having a security team handle the situation and three strike and your out the employee.

Understand, if an employee has to be contacted by the doctors office or for an external marketing or training opportunity, that you will be firing all of the employees.

Then there is the NO EXCEPTIONS rule. You will have new CEO's and Executive management every hour on the hour.

All in all, great productivity for HR for hiring and firing, but you are defining the scope and policies that you take toward the product you are making.

I would say that any peer-to-peer open source or unblessed peer-to-peer software is an instant decision...

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