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Is the PDA dead? ... Or has its death been greatly exaggerated?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
The stand-alone PDA appears to going the way of the ZIP drive and the Commodore 64. Smartphones appear to be taking over where the PDA left off.

Do you still use a stand-alone Palm or PocketPC, or have you migrated to smartphone? Why or why not? What do you view as the pros and cons of a stand-alone PDA vs. a smartphone?

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I use neither

by debuggist Staff In reply to Is the PDA dead? ... Or h ...

I used to use a Palm V. Then I decided that I didn't want my life so complicated that I needed a PDA.

I used to use a Blackberry, too. But I was changing batteries on it more than I was using it, and that just seemed stupid to continue doing.

I have a regular cellphone. If I need to communicate with someone ASAP, I just call them or they call me. It's much more efficient than punching out txt messages.

I can see where frequent travelers would need easy access to email, but I'm not one of those. As for PDAs, they don't make my life simpler.

If a electronic device doesn't improve my life, then I don't need it.

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by Neil Higgins In reply to I use neither

I use my Sony ClIE PEG-TG50/E,and find it very useful.It might not be the latest all singing,all dancing variety,but it displays in colour,syncs with MS Office,stores news data off the web,plays mp3's,quantity dependant on the memory stick size,a few low tech games,and has a an e-book reader.Would I feel lost without it?Maybe.It's that look of cool that I like.Will I upgrade anytime soon.No.I like it because I know how to use it.Maybe I'm just lazy,or settled on my choice of gadget.

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Cell phone and DayRunner vs. iPAQ

by kirk, really! In reply to I use neither

For 2 years I used a Compaq iPAQ. I would leave it on my desk to synchronize. When I did remember to unplug and take it with me the batteries would run down. Then it was useless.

My DayRunner hasn't run out of power yet and now going on three years. Need to replace the hard storage yearly at $25-$30, but much cheaper than the 3 to 6 hundred dollars for a new PDA. I did spill coffe on it once, but it wasn't riuned.

The one problem I have had with the pencil & paper solution is scheduling 5 or more years out. ;-)

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by lhatcher In reply to Is the PDA dead? ... Or h ...

I personally use a Treo. I love the integration of the phone and PDA, one less device to carry around, and i dont lose any functionality of either the phone or PDA. I would be lost without it.

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Downgraded to old device

by boitsfort In reply to Is the PDA dead? ... Or h ...

I have been using a PDQ (Pocket PC) for quite a long time. I started with the Compaq Aero 21xx series then I moved to Toshiba e570. Both were disconnected devices. On the Toshiba, I had bluetooth so I could connect using my mobile phone in dial-up and GPRS.
When my company gave me the opportunity to switch to QTek PocketPC with built in phone, I had to choose between that device and a small very pocketable Nokia 6100 phone (w/o bluetooth). Well, considering the size and benefits of the PocketPC, I opted for the standard Nokia phone and since then I don't have a PocketPC anymore.
I revitalized my old Psion Siena just to store my contacts and calendar (no email, nor web surfing), and I found it still very useful.
Now, if I had to choose again, I'd rather go for a BlackBerry...

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PDA for business apps but phone for contacts

by peteloo In reply to Downgraded to old device

I've not bought my PDA, although I'm in the market for one.
At the moment, I've a Sony-Ericsson K700i. It's not one of those smart phones, but it provides what I need to stay in touch.
Why didn't I upgrade to a smart phone? Well, I saw a colleague try to answer a call when he was using a PDA feature of the smartphone. It wasn't easy.
I think it would be better to get a PDA for reading MS documents, viewing MPEG movies, or as a mini notebook. I would not compromise on the battery life of my phone just for these activities.
I hope I'm right going the direction of the PDA.

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I talk to people on my phone

by sseifert In reply to Is the PDA dead? ... Or h ...

I have both a cell phone and a PDA. I am constantly kidding other folks when they brag about what their phone can do, with the response "Yeah, and I can talk to other people on my phone"! Phones are for talking to people, and PDA's handle all the other stuff. You can't cram too much into one device without making it terribly inefficient. I've had a PDA since the Apple Newton days, and they are great - but I sure hope I never receive a call on mine!

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Can't work without my PalmPilot and Nokia

by phantom56 In reply to I talk to people on my p ...

I was tasked to install some PalmPilots a while back and to train the users. I liked what they could do and acquired the Tungsten E. As a highly mobile Search and Rescue director (in my spare time), I have come to depend on having the database and map software within easy reach. I could not pass up on the chance to upgrade to the new Tungsten T5 with WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, a 256 MB USB drive mode and rotatable screen! On a recent trip, I used the WiFi capability to stay up-to-date on my e-mail as Hurricane Katrina approached the Gulf Coast (where I live). My Nokia (non-smart) phone shares calendar and contact information with the Tungsten via bluetooth any where. I carry my own data backup and if one device is lost or damaged, I still have the other. The Nokia 6255i stays with me, the T5 is close by, ready for more advanced requirements. Blackberrys and smart phones are nice, but too clunky for a day-to-day cell phone.

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Fully agree...

by Hagstrom In reply to I talk to people on my p ...

I'm with you, so far at least, I think it's better to keep the phone and PDA separate.
I just got a regular cellphone and my iPaq 5555.
Could not be without PDA, which I use daily, keeping track of a bunch of contacts, notes and documents, Excel sheets, etc. to name a few...
Don't want to use a clumpsy PDA as a cellphone, and don't want a tiny cell to try to be a PDA...

The PDA is not dead! It's staying with me for a long time ahead.

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I use both as well....

by steve-nyeoka In reply to I talk to people on my p ...

I had a Palm since the IIIxe. Loved the way it sync'd with Outlook. Use a time-study program at work. Download and read test files and make shopping lists.

Bought a Zire 71 (still use it). Takes quick snap shots, plays MP3s. Used the installed SD card to transfer files back and forth to work and home.

Plays decent solitare.

Use the phone to call people. It's small and I like it that way. Have like 10 numbers in my speed dial (a pizza place is one of them). Anyone else I need is in my Palm. No bluetooth, but then again, my fingers ain't busted...

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